Chromo therapy


        In the creation of world, presence of different colors is useful not only for nature beauty but also for health. There are different colors present in the human body and when any of them is increased or decreased causes the disease. The treatment system is used for curing diseases with the help of different colors is called ‘Color Treatment Science’ or ‘Sunrays Treatment’ or color therapy.   

       As well as the seven colors of the sun in the form of sunlight has the ability to cure our physical diseases, each color of them is also very beneficial and effective to cure different diseases. Any color of the sun can be converted as powerful remedy by passing through a transparent medium of that color and mixed with water, oil, sugar candy, sugar, air, etc. or charged with sun and used to cure most chronic incurable disease successfully.      

         Our body has made up with five fundamental elements (vital elements) of the nature like: soil, water, air, fire and sky. Thus, these elements are related to our health deeply. The human body remains protected from the diseases until these elements are present in the body in balance mode. In other hand, if anyone of these elements is increased and decreased in our body, our body becomes the center of diseases. Thus, in the case of sickness, finding the increment or decrement of which element fulfill that element in the body is called ‘Natural Therapy’. For finding that which element is increased or decreased in our body, it is necessary to know the color, size and taste of these elements.   

It is shown by following table:-



of Element


of Element

Shape of


Taste of





Like drops





Like hexagon






Pungent (kasaila)


Earth (soil)









        Chief methods of finding the increment or decrement of any element among these five elements in our body:-

  • In the case of closing both the ears openings with both the thumbs, nostrils with both the middle fingers, mouth with both the ring and little fingers and eyes with both the index fingers, the color of which element appear should be considered as the increment of that element in the body.
  • By breathing out on mirror, the shape of which element form should be considered as the increment of that element in the body.
  • The taste of our mouth is like that of which element should be considered as the increment of that element in the body at that time.
  • We should ask the patient by showing different colors or objects of different color that which color he likes most. The color which is the most favorite of the patient should be considered as the decrement of that element while the color which is not liked by him should be considered as the increment of that element in his body.  
  • If the patient has lack of fire element or red color in his body, his eyes and nails are turned into blue. Urine and loose motions will white and blue. If the patient has lack of sky, air or water elements or lack of blue color in his body, etc., eyes color will be pink, nails will red and urine and loose motions will red or thick or yellow appearance.        

Treatment of disease on the basis of only one symptom is very harmful like:

  • Normally, the eyes of a physically weak person are pink in color. Thus, it is absolutely wrong to considered it as the increment of fire element or red color in his body, because this type of redness or pinkness is due to weakness but is not due to lack of fire element or red color in the body. In this way, after seeing the natural blueness of the children eyes, it is wrong to consider it as the decrement of fire element and red color in the body.     
  • As well as there are three types of the colors of five elements- blue, yellow and red, the seven colors of the sunrays are also found in mainly three appearance- blue, yellow and red which reflection can be seen easily on the rainbow.       
  • The other four colors of the sunrays- orange, green, sky blue, purple, etc. are made with the different combination of these three colors- blue, yellow and red. Therefore, if it has known that which color or element is responsible for disease in the body, providing that color or element in appropriate quantity in the body with the help of sunrays treatment is beneficial. It will cure that disease without any doubt. It is the golden principle of this treatment and this type of treatment is also very easy (natural), simple, cheap and provides benefit soon. All the categories of people like- rich, poor, educated and uneducated can get benefits easily from this treatment.