In this disease, water fills in the testicles of the patient because of which swelling comes in the testicles. Water fills into one side testicle of the patient when the patient becomes the victim of this disease. This disease can be cured by nature therapy.

Symptoms of hydrocele:

        The patient of hydrocele feels pain in the testicles due to the reason of this disease. One portion of the testicle swells and sometimes testicles of one side become so big that the victim faces great difficulty while walking. If the patient feels excessive pain in the testicles with pain, it should be understood that the person has become the patient of hydrocele. All the veins of genitals become weak and loose when this disease becomes serious slowly. Besides it, the patient feels vomiting and nausea also suffers from constipation.   

Cause of hydrocele:

  • This disease occurs when heterogeneous liquid gets gathered in the genitals according to nature therapy.
  • A person becomes the victim of this disease due to wrong eating habits or having meal on improper time.
  • Other diseases which have been suppressed because of the use of medicines or suppression of sexual excitement suddenly.
  • Suppression of urine and stool may be the cause of this disease.
  • Lifting heavy weight, walking on foot for a long distance and stretching by the person can be the causes of this disease. 
  • Sometimes, excessive sexual intercourse may be the cause of hydrocele.

Treatment of this disease by nature therapy:

  • The patient should take orange juice or juice of pomegranate at least twice a week for the treatment of hydrocele according to nature therapy. The patient should squeeze lemon on salad before the use. The patient should keep fast too along with the treatment mentioned above.
  • The patient should take hip-bath (Katisnana), cold sitz bath (Mehen Snana), dry friction bath, hot and salt bath (bath by salt mixed water). The disease is cured soon.
  • The patient of this disease should do exercise in open air and he should take sun bath too. In this way, the treatment of the patient become soon if it is done by nature therapy.
  • The patient should drink 25 ml water of yellow color bottle that has been kept in sunlight four times in a day. The patient should fall red light over the testicles for one hour before drinking this water and thereafter, blue water should be fallen over the testicles for at least two hours. The disease is cured within a few days by doing the treatment in this way.