In this disease, the patient becomes unconscious for sometime. In this stage, the victim appears as a dead man. He shows no reaction and does no activity.


         The victim falls down on the earth like a dead man in this disease and he is not in his senses. Color of the victim’s face become pale and sweat comes on the forehead of the victim. The victim feels darkness before his eyes.

Causes of this disease:

  • A person becomes unconscious when blood circulation stops in the brain by any way. This disease occurs when there is any kind of disease in the nerves of the brain.
  • A person may become unconscious if he keeps fast for long time because the circulation of blood in the brain reduces because of having fast. In this stage, a person becomes unconscious.
  • A person becomes unconscious due to excessive bleeding from the body caused by accident or any other reason.
  • A person becomes the victim of this disease if he suffers from excessive pain caused by any disease.
  • A person becomes unconscious when polluted wind enters into his body through breathing.
  • A person becomes unconscious if he gets injury in his head.

Natural treatment of an unconscious person:

  • First, loose all the clothes of the victim when a person becomes unconscious. Thereafter, make the victim lie down on the stomach on an open place and water should sprinkle on his face.
  • If the stage of the victim is serious, cold bandages drenched in cold water should be kept on the chest and forehead along with the sprinkles.
  • Make the patient gargle with lukewarm water after breaking the unconsciousness. A little lukewarm water should be given to the patient to drink.
  • Give only fruits juice to the victim for some days for the treatment so that all the polluted liquids may come out from the body with urine and nerves of the brain may work properly.
  • Keep a wet bandage of soil on the abdomen of an unconscious person. The victim returns in his senses soon by this formula.
  • Back bone of the victim should be mopped with wet towel and after sometime cold and hot fomentation should be kept on the backbone. Its use provides lots of relief to the victim.
  • Lukewarm water should be given to the patient after breaking the unconsciousness. Enema with lukewarm water also becomes necessary for the patient so that his stomach may become clean. Thereafter, the patient should take cold sitz bath (Mehen-Snan).


          An unconscious person returns in his senses and he gets rid of this disease if he adopt above mentioned formulae of nature therapy.