When mucus membrane of the stomach becomes affected, several kinds of acids start to exude resulting ulcer occur in the stomach. When mucus membrane gets affected, it is called gastric ulcer and when duodenum gets affected is called duodenum ulcer.

Symptoms of ulcer:

  • A person feels inflammation and pain in the stomach when a person suffers from ulcer.
  • Stomachache stops when the patient of ulcer takes food. Sometimes, stomachache reduces after having meal but light pain keeps affecting the stomach.
  • The disease becomes more serious when the patient takes meal in haste or with anxiety or oily food.

Causes of this disease:

  • Wrong eating habits and having meal on improper time become the cause of this disease.
  • Excessive use of intoxicating substances, spicy food, tea and coffee are the causes of ulcer.
  • A person becomes the victim of this disease if he is habitual of drinking wine, smoking or eating tobacco.
  • A person can become the victim of ulcer due to physical, emotional or psychological pressure.

Treatment of ulcer by nature therapy:

  • First, the patient should try to end the causes of the origin of this disease. Thereafter, treatment should be started by nature therapy.
  • The patient should drink cold milk at the regular intervals for the treatment of ulcer. The disease is cured soon.
  • The patient of ulcer should decide a definite time of having meal. Thereafter, he should give up intoxicating foodstuffs as spicy food and meat because their use becomes the cause of serious stage of ulcer.
  • The patient of ulcer should adopt enema with cold water in the morning to make his stomach cleansed and to break constipation. The disease named ulcer is cured by this treatment.
  • The patient of this disease should wrap a cold cloth around the stomach regularly.
  • For the treatment of ulcer, the patient should use gastro-hepatic coverings.
  • Wind of the stomach comes out from the stomach if a paste of soil is applied on the stomach. In this way, the disease is cured.
  • The patient should take hip-bath (Kati-Snan) with cold water. The disease may be cured completely by doing so.
  • If the patient of this disease has been suffering from excessive inflammation in the stomach, he should keep a packet of ice on the stomach. Inflammation and ache is ended by doing treatment in this way.
  • The patient should take rest mentally and physically along with natural treatment. In this way, the disease is cured completely.