This disease can occur on both external and internal body portions. Enlarged gland and swelling appear on the body in this disease. The patient suffers very much in this disease.    

Cause of tumor:

         All the people become the victim of this disease if polluted liquid starts to accumulate in them. When this disease becomes chronic, it does not disappear soon.

Treatment of tumor in naturopathy:

  • The patient should keep fast for some days for the treatment of this disease. He should drink the juice of fruits during fast. If the patient has been suffering from constipation, he should adopt enema to cleanse the stomach.
  • The patient should take fruits, milk and simple meal. He should take simple bath regularly. After that dry massage should be done all over the body.
  • The patient should mop his body with wet towel twice in a day. After that, mix salt in the water and take bath twice a day too.
  • He should not include salty foodstuffs, sweet, spiced foodstuffs and fine flour in his meal.
  • He should not take wine, tea, coffee, betel leaf, tobacco, etc. at any rate.
  • The patient should do light exercise in the morning and he should inhale deep breath. The patient should do exercise in the morning until the patient gets rid of this disease. Mudpack should be applied on the disease affected portion for at least twice a day. The patient gets rid of this disease by doing so within a few days.
  • There are some kinds of Asanas for the treatment of this disease named tumor. The patient gets rid of this disease by doing these exercises. These Asanas are as Bhujanga Asana, Shalbha-Asana, Vajra-Asana, Paschimothan Asana, Pawanmukta-Asana, Uddian Bandh, Mulbandh, Surya-Namaskar, etc. all these Asanas should be done in the morning.