Tonsil enhances in this disease. It is not a disease in itself but it is an informer of several kinds of disease. It is called tonsillitis.  

        Tonsil is a kind of gland which is an important organ of the evacuation system. Structure of tonsils is in this way according to nature which purifies the body after evacuating stool. Surgery of tonsils is not good when a person becomes the patient of tonsillitis. This disease should be treated according to natural treatment.         

Causes of the aggravation of tonsils:

  • Accumulation of poisonous substances in the body is the main cause of tonsillitis. Therefore, stomach should be cleansed by using enema necessarily for the treatment of this disease.
  • When polluted liquids accumulates in the body of a person, tonsils, goitre, boils and pimples try to appear on the body of the victim, the patient suffers very much in this disease.
  • There are other causes of tonsillitis too as drenching in water, doing excessive labour, breathing in stopped air, sensation of cold again and again and excessive use of larynx for breathing. 

Treatment of tonsillitis according to naturopathy:

  • The patient of this disease should drink the juice of fruits and vegetables at the regular interval of two hours. He should eat frits 3-4 times in a day too. Milk should be drunk by the patient.
  • The patient should eat fruits in the morning and he should drink milk too. He should eat breads made from the flour with siftings, boiled vegetables, sweet curd or whey, salad, raw vegetables. Thereafter, he should drink milk in the morning. Fruits can be taken too.
  • The patient should drink 3-4 liters in a day until the disease disappears.
  • The patient should keep wet bandage on the abdomen for half hour after evacuation in the morning while drinking juice of fruits for the treatment of this disease. He should cleanse the stomach by adopting enema with lukewarm water. Mixing lemon juice in the water which is used for enema proves very beneficial for the patient in this disease.
  • Weight of the patient starts to loss during the treatment because weight losses when he does not get normal food. The patient should not be nervous because weight of the body becomes normal after getting rid of disease and taking normal meal. He should apply wet bandage on the waist after taking meal in the evening and before sleeping at night. Untie the bandage in the morning. Take hot Epsom water once in a week. Wet bandage should not be tied on the waist when this bath is taken. Thus, the patient gets rid of tonsillitis.
  • Steam should be given on the tonsils, throat and neck for ten minutes for at least twice a day. Thereafter, mix lemon juice in hot water and gargle with this water. After that, wrap a wet bandage of cloth covering to the tonsils for two hours. Or mudpack can be applied too. This should be done at night before sleeping. Untie the bandage in the morning on next day.
  • Mix juice of lemon (kagzi) and apply on the tonsils inside the mouth with the help of finger. The patient gets lots of relief by doing so. If blood or pus comes out while massaging, there is no need to worry. Thereafter, apply butter on the neck and massage upwardly for twenty minutes. Simple salt and ash of cow dung can be used too in place of juice of lemon (kagzi) and honey. But using honey mixed lemon juice proves more beneficial than the normal salt and ash of cow dung.
  • The patient should sit before the sun with open mouth in the morning. A blue colored mirror should be kept before the face in this way that sun light of this mirror may reflect on the tonsils for at least on 7 minutes. He should drink 25 ml water of blue colored bottle that has been kept in sunlight six times in day. In addition too, water of yellow colored bottle that has been kept in sunlight. 
  • The patient should eat simple and pure meal. Curd, whey, fresh vegetables should be included in the meal. The patient should not take spices, salt, oil, sugar, tea, coffee, polish, fine flour, pickles etc.
  • The patient of this disease should not use some other things too. Such things are as intoxicating things, rice, rubbri, wheat and fried-toasted things.
  • The patient should not speak very much.