The patient suffers from violent ache in the stomach when he becomes the victim of this disease. Such kind of ache is ordinary thing and all the people ever suffer this disease necessarily. Peptic ulcer and any kind of disorder in the gall bladder may be the cause of this disease. Constipation and stomach gas may be the causes of this disease.

Causes of stomachache:

  • There can be other reasons of stomachache too as stone in the gall bladder, stone in the kidney, and any kind of sore in the stomach and displacement of naval from its real place.
  • Any kind of swelling in the anus and intestines may be the causes of stomachache.
  • Any disease near about the naval may be the cause of stomachache.
  • Filling wind in the intestines may be the cause of stomachache.
  • Swallowing any kind of stimulating substance may be the cause of stomachache.
  • Presence of poisonous substance in the pharynx, liver and intestines becomes the cause of stomachache.
  • When polluted substances existed in the body gives unnecessary pressure on the nerves of the body of a person, he suffers from stomachache. 
  • Stomachache starts if a person eats food more than the need.
  • Any kind of injury in the stomach because of any accident, the victim can suffer from stomachache.

Treatment of stomachache in naturopathy:

  • If a person has been suffering from stomachache, he should drink lemon juice mixed water during fast. Stomachache is cured by this treatment. 
  • Use of coconut water, juice of fruits and vegetables stops stomachache.
  • The patient should take enema with hot water if he has been suffering from stomachache. If the cause of stomachache is swallowing of any stimulating substance, the stomach of the victim should be cleansed by adopting enema.
  • Stomach should be fomented with the help of hot cloth if he has been suffering from stomachache. Stomach can be fomented with the cloth by drenching in cold water. Cloth should be kept on the stomach like a bandage. Keep on changing this bandage at an interval of short time.
  • Stomachache stops if a wet bandage is kept on the stomach.
  • Mix a little salt in caraway and take with hot water. The patient gets rid of stomachache soon by taking above medicine.
  • If a person has been suffering from stomachache since a long time, he should take hip-bath (Kati-Snan), steam bath and hot feet bath for some days to get rid of this disease.
  • If a person has been suffering from stomachache due to stone of the stomach, he should immerse the pulse of horse gram (kulthi) in water in the morning and drink in the evening after grinding. Thus, every kind of stone is broken for some days by taking this medicine. Thus, stomachache is cured.   
  • The patient should fill water in the jug of brass while sleeping at night. He should drink the jug in the morning after getting up. Stool comes easily and stomachache stops by drinking this water. 
  • Mix water of green and dark blue colored bottle which have been kept in sunlight. Drink 25 ml this water eight times in a day regularly. If a person has swallowed glass by mistake or knowingly, the use of this water provides relief.
  • All kinds of stomachache stop if a person drinks 25 ml water of dark blue colored bottle that has been kept six times in a day.