Female diseases Treatment :


          In this disease, a woman is not able to beget child and that is the reason why it is called sterility. A woman is not able to conceive because of this disease. If a woman does not beget a child, she faces lots of mental hurdles in family and society. This disease can be cured by nature therapy.

Causes of this disease:

  • Lack of proper development of a woman’s reproduction organs
  • Any kind of disturbance in reproductive organs because of any accident and injury may be the cause of sterility.
  • Lack of sperms in the semen of man can be the cause of male sterility because sperms do not reach in the contact of ovule of woman when both man and woman make sexual relation. That is the reason why the woman does not become pregnant. 
  • If the menses of a woman are irregular, she is not able to be pregnant.
  • Anxiety, depression and fear can be the cause of sterility because a woman does not become pregnant in these situations.

Treatment of sterility by nature therapy:

  • Nerves of the woman’s vagina should be healthy for conceiving. For it, a woman should take balanced diet and she should do sufficient physical work if she wants to become pregnant. In addition to, she should remain far from depression. A woman should pay attention on these things. 
  • Secretion excreted from the vagina should be alkali and for it, the woman should take such kind of meal that has alkali elements in rich quantity because it is essential if a woman wants to conceive. Hence, a person should eat raw things and immersed dry fruits in excessive quantity.
  • A sterile should expel out all the heterogeneous liquids from the body for the treatment of this disease. For it, a woman should keep fast. Thereafter, she should keep fast at an interval of one or two days.  
  • The victim of this disease should take curd in place of milk.
  • The woman should drink lukewarm water mixed mixing lemon juice and honey.
  • The victim should not include salt, spices, oily food, sugar, tea, coffee, flour and other things in her meal in excessive quantity.
  • If the woman has been suffering from constipation, she should get rid of this problem soon.
  • A sterile should include vitamin ‘C’ and ‘E’ in her meal. Such things are as lemon, orange, sprouted wheat, etc.
  • Chewing 5-6 flakes of garlic women should drink milk regularly in winter season. A sterile gets rid of this disease soon by the use of this medicine.
  • Prepare decoction by boiling the leaves of Jambul. The woman should drink this preparation by mixing honey.
  • Dry the roots of banyan tree in shadow and make powder by grinding and filtering. A sterile should take this powder for three days regularly after the menstrual excretion. She should take this medicine until she becomes pregnant.
  • A sterile becomes pregnant if she takes 6 grams with ghee for three months regularly.  
  • A sterile should keep a wet bandage on the abdomen for the treatment of sterility. Thereafter, he should take hip-bath (Kati-Snan) and then he should wrap a wet cloth around the waist. Thereafter, enema should be adopted by the woman with hot water.
  • Wrap an alum piece in a cotton piece and immerse in water at night. Keep this piece of cotton into the vagina during sleeping. There will be a white layer on the piece of cotton when this piece is drawn out from the vagina in the morning. Continue this formula until the white layer of the cotton piece stops. A woman becomes able to get pregnant. After the treatment of this, the woman should make sexual relation with man. 
  • There are several kinds of Asnas for the treatment of sterility according to nature therapy as Sarvang-Asnas, Matsya-Asna, Ardh-Matendra-Asana, Paschimothan-Asana, Salabh-Asana, etc.  A sterile can get rid of this disease if she does these Asnas.
  • Husband may be the cause of sterility. That is the reason why a woman should check up her husband along with her treatment.  
  • If there is any kind of problem in the reproductive organs of man and woman, they should adopt treatment of these problems.