Chicken pox


(Small pox)


         Chicken pox is a contagious disease which spreads fast. This disease reaches from one person to another because of virus.

Symptoms of small pox:

  • The patient of small pox feels cold.
  • The patient suffers from ache in the backbone and head.
  • Sometimes, the patient vomits too in this disease.
  • Eruptions start to appear on the skin within 24 hours and pus is produced in these eruptions within two days. These eruptions become dry after sometime. Eruptions fall by leaving marks on the skin.

Causes of small pox:

  • Gathering polluted liquids in the body may be the cause of the origin of chicken pox (small pox).
  • Any kind of disturbance in eating may be the cause of the origin of small pox.
  • A child becomes the victim of this disease if there is disturbance in meal of the child’s mother.
  • Having meal more than hunger, use of sugar, refined, flour, and ice cream on a large scale may be the cause of this disease.
  • A person can become the victim of this disease if he lives in a dirty environment.

Treatment of chicken pox (small pox) by nature therapy:

  • The patient of this disease should take rest in airy room.
  • Nails of the patient of chicken pox (small pox) should be cut down because he scratches his body when he feels itching by which deep marks are produced on his body.
  • The patient of this disease should drink coconut water and lemon juice mixed water for two days in the beginning.
  • The patient should drink water by mixing honey in it.
  • Immerse raisins and dry grapes in water and give to the patient to eat. Besides it, give water to the patient to drink as much as he can drink.
  • Soup of coriander and carrot should be given to the patient of chicken pox (small pox).  After that, give fruits, sprouted pulses and foodstuffs rich in vitamin ‘E’ to eat. The patient gets well soon if he takes these things.
  • Chocolates, toffee, sugar, fried foodstuffs, sweets and flour should not be given to the patient.
  • Give water of green colored bottle that has been kept in sunlight to drink. The patient becomes well within some days by drinking this water.
  • Give enema with hot water to the patient and after that apply the paste of soil on the stomach. The disease named chicken pox (small pox) disappears soon.
  • Drinking the juice of basil leaves proves very beneficial for the treatment of chicken pox. Hence, give juice of basil leaves to the patient to drink. The patient of chicken pox (small pox) becomes well soon if the treatment is done by nature therapy as mentioned above.