Introduction :

        Tumors occur in the neck of the patient who has been suffering from scrofula. Due to this reason, poison of stool enhances very much in the body. Cleanliness of this poison becomes very essential.

Treatment of scrofula by nature therapy:

  • The patient should keep fast for two days. He should drink only juice of fruits during fast and he should adopt enema to cleanse the stomach. The patient should take colic bath and cold sitz bath (Mehen-Snan).
  • Give steam near about the tumors of scrofula and mud pack should be applied thrice a day. The patient should apply sun charged oil of green bottle at night.
  • If the tumor of scrofula is in prelimnary stage on the patient’s neck, grind basil and castor leaves each in equal quantity. Mix a little salt in this paste and tie on the tumor after heating. The patient gets lots of relief.  
  • Mix 2 parts suncharged water of sky blue colored bottle and one part water of red colored bottle (which have been kept in sunlight). Take 25 ml water twice a day. Tumors of scrofula should keep in blue light for ten minutes. The patient should take Epsom bath once or twice a week. The patient gets well soon by this treatment. The patient should do physical and breathing exercises.