Mostly, the poor especially small children become the victim of dry rickets. This disease is called a disease caused by malnutrition.

Symptoms of rickets:

        When a child becomes the victim of this disease, symptoms as irritation, coldness in the muscles, restlessness, vapid, excessive sweating from the head, loose motions, dysentery, weak bones etc are found in child. A person suffers from chest diseases when bones become weak because of this disease named rickets. The patient suffers very much while sitting and walking because of this disease.   

Cause of rickets:

        Deficiency of vitamin ’D’ in the body becomes the cause of this disease. Calcium and phosphorus remain in sufficient quantity in the body because of vitamin ‘D’. If there is deficiency of vitamin ‘D’ in the body, the bones of the body do not get nutrition because of which the child becomes the victim of this disease.  

Treatment of rickets in naturopathy:

  • A mother should feed her milk to the child till one year if you want to remain far to the child from the disease named rickets. Thereafter, cow milk or goat milk should be given to the child for drinking.
  • A mother who has been feeding to her child should include such foodstuffs in his meal which is rich in calcium and vitamin ‘D’ so that her milk may contain calcium and vitamin ‘D’ in sufficient quantity.
  • If a child has become the victim of this disease, mix sesame oil in milk and give to the child to drink. The disease named rickets disappears by doing so.
  • The patient should take air and sun bath regularly to get rid of this disease.
  • Massage backbone of the child with oil regularly. Apply mudpack on the abdomen of the child for sometime. The disease named rickets disappears soon by doing the treatment as mentioned above.