Psoriasis is a skin disease which is contagious. This disease appears in winter season and takes those persons in its grip who live in obstacles and hurdles. Wrist, elbows, waist, palms and shoulders become affected due to this disease.  

Symptoms of Psoriasis:

          When this disease affects any body portion, the color of the affected portion becomes pink and dry, and crust covers that portion. Blood start to flow from the skin when these dry crusts are removed.

Treatment of Psoriasis by nature therapy:

  • First, the patient of this disease should take fruits for at least 7 to 15 days continuously for the treatment of this disease. Thereafter, he should take milk and fruits.
  • If the patient of Psoriasis has been suffering from constipation, he should adopt enema to cleanse the stomach. The disease of the patient is cured within some days by this treatment.
  • Disease affected portion of the patient should be fomented first with cold thing and thereafter with hot thing one by one. After that, a paste of wet soil should be applied on the affected portion. The disease psoriasis is cured soon with this treatment. 
  • Affected portion of the patient of psoriasis should be kept in hot water for half hour. Thereafter, a bandage of hot wet soil should be tied on the affected portion.
  • The patient should adopt enema with lukewarm water for some days regularly to cleanse the stomach. He should keep fast only drinking fruits’ juice. The disease named Psoriasis is cured within some days.
  • Mix lemon juice in water and give to the patient of psoriasis for at least five days continuously. Besides it. He should eat simple food.
  • The patient should keep his disease affected portion in blue light for at least two hours for the treatment of psoriasis.
  • The patient should drink 25 ml water of sky blue bottle that has been kept in sunlight for at least four times in a day. The disease named psoriasis is cured soon by drinking this water.
  • The patient should not use salt at any rate.

          The patient should take bath early in the morning and thereafter he should take dry friction bath. He should take salt bath twice a week. 

  • The patient should wash his affected portion by salt mixed lukewarm water regularly. Thereafter, he should apply almond oil or the oil of green or blue colored bottle which have been kept in sunlight. Thus, the disease is cured completely.
  • The patient should keep his affected part in blue light regularly. Besides it, the patient should do light exercise. He should take deep breath. The disease is cured completely by the use of this treatment.