When a person becomes the victim of this disease, he suffers from swelling and inflammation in the mucus membrane of the nose. This disease is called polypus or Nakada. When this swelling bursts, bleeding starts from it. This disease becomes the cause of nose bleeding.

Treatment of this disease according to naturopathy:

  • The patient should drink the juice of fruits for two days for the treatment of this disease. After some days, the patient should take alkali substances (pungent, spicy and sour taste).
  • The patient should adopt enema to cleanse the stomach.
  • The patient should take colic bath (Udar-Snan) in the morning and evening. Jalneti should be adopted by the patient in the morning. Thereafter, he should adopt sutaneti for 15 days regularly.


          The disease named polypus disappears within some days by doing the treatment according to naturopathy.