Swelling comes on the membrane which covers the lungs when this disease takes a person in its grip. This membrane saves the lungs from any disorder. The patient feels pricking pain in the chest because of swelling in the membrane.

Symptoms of pleurisy:

        The patient suffers from violent pain in the chest in this disease. He feels chill and heaviness in the chest. He suffers from fever too. He does not feel hunger. When this disease becomes serious, polluted liquid gathers in the chest after coming out from the membrane.

Causes of pleurisy:

        Swelling and stiffness in the membrane of lungs because of chillness is the main cause of this disease. Pneumonia may be the cause of this disease and pleurisy may be the cause of pneumonia.

Natural treatment of pleurisy:

  • The patient of this disease should keep fast for some days by drinking juice of fruits.
  • The patient should cleanse the stomach by using enema with hot water. Then, he should cover a wet bed sheet on the whole body for some hours.
  • The patient should take sponge bath with lukewarm water and then his chest should be covered with a wet bandage. Keep on changing the bandage after short intervals.
  • The patient should take sunbath and friction bath. Thus, the patient gets lots of relief by doing so.
  • If the temperature of the body has becomes normal after the treatment and the patient feels appetite, it should be considered that the patient has become free from the disease named pleurisy.