Some important diseases:


        A part of the brain becomes passive if blood does not supply to that part because of any obstruction in the arteries of brain. The affected portion of the brains is not able to send its message to many organs consequently those organs do not move. Left side of the brain controls to the right side organs of the body and right side of the brain controls to the left side organs of the body. It is disease of nerves and it belongs to the back bone directly.    

There are following kinds of paralysis:

Paralysis of lower portion:

        In this kind of paralysis, lower portion of the body stop its work.  Foot and fingers of the foot stop their working. 

Paralysis of half body:

        Half portion of the body stops its working in this kind of paralysis. In this disease, either right side or left side does not move.

Incomplete paralysis (paralysis of one organ):

        In this paralysis, one hand or foot of a person does not do its work.

Complete paralysis:

        In this paralysis, either hands or both feet do not do their work.

Spinal paralysis:

        Medulla oblongata part of the brain stops its job. This disease occurs if a person destroys his semen by establishing excessive sexual intercourse.

Facial paralysis:

        One side of the face bends into other direction because of which face becomes low from one side. Cheek of one side becomes loose and sputum of the patient keeps on exuding from the mouth.

Glossolabial paralysis:

        Tongue of the patient gets affected in this kind of paralysis and the victim does not pronounce words clearly. Tongue of the patient gets stiff and he feels difficulty while speaking. The patient starts to lisp while speaking. 

Paralysis of larynx:

        In it, larynx gets affected from paralysis in this disease because of which the patient is not able to speak.

Lead paralysis:

        A blue line appears on the gums of the patient in this disease. Left hand or both hands hang below and muscles of the wrist become weak in this paralysis. The wrist of the patient becomes crooked and folds inside. Arms and muscles of the back get affected from any disease.

Symptoms of paralysis:

         One organ or many organ of the patient stops their work in this disease. This disease takes a person in its grip suddenly but its occurrence starts long before. If the left side of the body gets affected from paralysis, it is very harmful because the pulsations of the heart stop its work due to this paralysis. A patient can become the victim of death too in this kind of paralysis. The patient feels no sensation if someone pinches the paralysis affected portion of the patient. This disease can be treated by a simple paralysis.

There are other symptoms of paralysis too which have been given below:

  • The patient does not feel appetite properly and he does not sleep. Physical strength of the body reduces very much.
  • The patient has no zest to do any work.
  • Nerves of the most affected portion of the body get affected their deed. The affected organ becomes passive completely.
  • Any organ of the body starts to buzz when this disease occurs along with itching.
  • The patient feels itching in paralysis affected side nostril.  

Symptoms of paralysis:

  • Digestion power of the patient becomes weak due to this disease. The food does not digest properly to the food what the patient takes.
  • The patient of this disease becomes the patient of this disease.
  • Several bodily organs become thin due to this disease.

Symptoms of incurable paralysis have been given below:

  • Incurable paralysis takes pregnant women, small children and old persons in its grip. Strength of the patient becomes weak in this disease.
  • Color of many organs of the body starts to change due to this kind of paralysis and those body organs become weak.
  • The patient of incurable paralysis feels no sensation if a needle is inserted in the disease affected organs.
  • Thinking and working power of the patient reduces very much in this disease.
  • Water keeps on excreting from the mouth, nose and eyes continuously.
  • Power of hearing, observing and power of sensation of any touch destroy in this kind of paralysis. 
  • The patient of this disease become the patient several other diseases.

There are following causes of the origin of paralysis:

  • A person becomes the patient of paralysis if he does excessive mental work.
  • Sudden shock of which the patient suffers very much becomes the patient of this disease.
  • A person becomes the patient of this disease if he does not take meal properly.
  • Loss of semen by involving in unnatural sexual activities becomes the cause of paralysis.
  • Deep hurt in the brain and backbone becomes the cause of paralysis.
  • Violent headache becomes the cause of paralysis.
  • Several diseases associated with brain may be the cause of paralysis.
  • Use of excessive intoxicating medicines becomes the cause of paralysis.
  • Excessive smoking and drinking become the cause of paralysis.
  • Excessive mental work as studying on large scale or mental tension becomes the cause of paralysis. 

Treatment of paralysis according to naturopathy:

  • First, all the causes of the origin of paralysis should be removed. Thereafter, start the treatment according to naturopathy. 
  • The patient should cleanse his stomach by adopting enema with lemon mixed water regularly. Start the treatment of the patient in which excessive sweating comes.
  • The patient should take steam bath regularly and thereafter wet bed sheet should be covered on the disease affected portion. After that, sit in sunlight for some time to foment the body.
  • If the patient of paralysis is excessive weak, he should not take hot things.
  • If blood pressure of the patient has become high, he should not take hot things too.
  • Hot and cold application should be applied on the backbone by the patient of paralysis. A bandage of cloth should be kept on the stomach and back bone by drenching in water.
  • Mud pack should be applied on the stomach by the patient of paralysis and after that he should take hip-bath (Kati-Snan). Thus, the patient gets well soon by doing treatment as mentioned above. 
  • Half cup cold water of yellow colored bottle that has been kept in sunlight should be drunk by the patient of paralysis for 4-5 times in a day. Paralysis affected body organ should be kept in red color light for some time and that portion should be fomented by hot or cold application. The disease of the patient gets well within some days by doing treatment in this way.
  • The patient of paralysis should drink the juice of fruits for ten days regularly. The juice of lemon, coconut water, juice of vegetables or Indian gooseberry juice by mixing honey can be drunk by the patient.
  • Mix equal quantity juice of grapes, pear and apple properly. The patient gets lots of relief by drinking this juice.
  • The patient of paralysis should eat uncooked food for some weeks regularly.
  • The patient should drink water on large scale until the patient gets well completely. He should take bath with cold water. The patient should live on a cool place. 
  • The patient should rub his body without any lubricant. There after dry massage should be done on the body by the patient. Massage should be done slowly and the disease is cured within some days.
  • The patient should remain far from mental tensions during the treatment of paralysis. He should take complete rest and he should use Yognidra too.
  • The patient of paralysis should do exercise. Suppressed veins and nerves become active and paralysis affected organs becomes normal.   


          Natural treatment makes the patient healthy within some days.