Over eating



         Over eating is such kind of a disease in which a patient keeps on eating all the time. The patient feels as if he has eaten nothing after eating lots of foodstuff. In this way, he starts to eat very much.

Symptoms of this disease:

         A person feels excessive appetite due to this disease and he keeps on demanding something to eat.

Natural treatment of over eating:

  • First, the patient should take enema before the treatment to cleanse the stomach. He should take hipbath (Kati Snana) at least twice a day.
  • The patient should tie a wet bandage around the waist before sleeping at night. The disease disappears soon by doing so for some days regularly.
  • First, the patient should drink juice of fruits for some days for the treatment and he should eat fruits. Thereafter, he should take normal food. 
  • The patient should take 50 ml water of blue bottle which has been kept in sunlight eight times in a day. Thus, the patient becomes free from this disease by the use of this treatment.