Malaria is a contagious disease. It occurs because of different kinds of parasite. These parasites are present in the body of the mosquito. These parasites are called anopheles.      

Causes of malaria:

          When a female mosquito bites a person, the germs of anopheles enter into the blood from mosquito to person and the person becomes the patient of many diseases. If a person is bitten by a mosquito and that mosquito bites any another healthy person, that another person becomes the patient of malaria too.

Symptoms of malaria:

  • The patient suffers from fever accompanied by chill.
  • The patient of this disease keeps on suffering from headache.
  • The patient of malaria suffers from pain in the feet.
  • Fever comes again after sometime of perspiration.
  • The patient of malaria can suffer from fever on every fourth day.  
  • The patient suffers from anemia too in malarial fever.

Natural treatment of malaria:

  • The patient should keep fast until the symptoms of malaria disappear. Thereafter, a decoction of cinnamon and black pepper should be taken by mixing honey in it as a dose. The patient gets lots of relief.
  • If a person has been suffering from malaria fever, a decoction of garlic should be given to him. Its use provides lots of relief.
  • The patient should start to eat fruits slowly after having fast. Thereafter, he should take simple meal, salad, fruit and sprouted pulse as a meal. The disease named malaria subsides soon.    
  • The patient of malaria should adopt enema with lukewarm water for the treatment of malaria. Thereafter, apply mud pack on the stomach and then waist bath should be taken with hot and cold water. The patient gets rid of malaria.   
  • If the temperature of body is high, cold bandages should be kept on the forehead. Thereafter, he should take sponge and wet bed sheet should be covered all over the body. After that, feet should be washed with hot water. Thus, the disease named malaria is cured soon by doing the treatment as mentioned above.  
  • If the temperature is not high, he should do Kunjal Kirya. The patient gets lots of relief in malaria fever.  
  • If the patient of malaria has been suffering from chill, he should sleep by taking a bottle filled with hot water. He should cover a blanket. The patient gets lots of relief.
  • Malarial fever subsides soon if body is rubbed properly.
  • The patient should take complete rest and thereafter, the treatment should be started according to naturopathy.
  • Fever subsides soon if the patient of malaria fever drinks water of blue colored bottle that has been kept in sunlight at the regular interval of two hours.
  • The patient gets lots of relief by doing Sheetkari-Pranayam, Sheetali, Shava-Asana and Yogadhyan.
  • Activeness takes place in the body if the patient takes cold sponge bath or cold friction bath. Thereafter, fever starts to subside.
  • Temperature becomes low if backbone of the body is massaged with the piece of work. Thus, malaria fever is cured.
  • The patient should live in airy room and he should wear light clothes. Complete rest is very essential for the patient.
  • When fever subsides and whiteness of the tongue reduces, he should break the fast by drinking the juice of fresh fruits. Thereafter, he should take juice of fresh fruits, salad, sprouted pulse and soup. The patient does not suffer from fever again by doing so. Thus, the disease named malaria disappears completely.  
  • The patient should drink orange juice for the treatment of malaria. Fever subsides soon by doing so.
  • The patient gets lots of relief by taking the leaves of basil.
  • Boil basil leaves in water and mix powder of black pepper and a little sugar. The patient gets lots of relief by drinking this preparation.
  • The patient should not drink milk in malaria fever. If the patient desires to drink milk, he should drink milk by mixing water and one spoon honey. Sugar should not be mixed in the milk at any rate. The disease named malaria is cured soon.
  • The patient should pay attention very much on the cleanliness around himself. Thereafter, he should start treatment according to naturopathy.
  • The patient should sleep in mosquito net.