Leprosy is skin disease. Blood becomes poisonous due to this disease and it ruins some organs of the body.

Kinds of leprosy:

Tubercular leprosy:

        When a person suffers from tubercular leprosy, fingers of the victim become crooked after stiffness in them. Thereafter, sore and boils produce in them.

White anaesthetic:

          It is known by the name of white mark too. In this disease, white marks appear on the different body organs. Shags and hair on the marks affected area become white too in this disease.

Causes of the origin of leprosy:

  • Impurity of blood is the main cause of the origin of leprosy.
  • Blood becomes polluted if someone suppresses urine and stool. Suppression of urine and stool becomes the patient of leprosy. 
  • System of blood circulation becomes disturbed due to mental shock and disturbances of Hormones. Thus, a person becomes the patient of this disease.  
  • Blood becomes impure by eating excessive salt, spicy things because of which the disease named leprosy occurs.
  • Excessive use of powerful antibiotics and powerful medicines becomes the cause of leprosy because poisonous elements spread in the blood due to the use of these medicines.
  • Excessive use of intoxicating substance becomes the cause of leprosy because the blood of the body becomes polluted due to the use of intoxicating things.

Treatment of leprosy according to naturopathy:

  • The patient should keep fast by drinking juice of fruits for some days regularly. In addition to, enema should be adopted by the victim to cleanse the stomach. The patient of leprosy becomes well by doing treatment in this way. 
  • The patient should take steam bath at least twice a week for sufficient perspiration. Thereafter, he should take cold sitz bath (Mehen-Snan) for half hour in the morning and colic bath (Udar-Snan) in the evening.
  • For the treatment of this disease, first, the patient should drink juice of fruits and green vegetables. Thereafter, he should take uncooked meal.  Use of green vegetables and sprouted grains proves very beneficial.
  • Mix lemon juice in coconut oil that has been kept in sun light by filling in green colored bottle. Apply this oil on the disease affected portion. In addition to, mud pack should be applied on the stomach. The patient should drink 25 ml water of green colored bottle and yellow colored bottle which have been kept in sunlight eight times in day. Water should be taken in equal quantity from the both bottles.  
  • The patient of leprosy should take sun bath in the morning with nude body because sun rays have the power to kill the bacteria of leprosy. 
  • Immerse gram in the water at night. Eat them in the morning. The water in which grams are immersed should be drunk by the patient of leprosy. This disease disappears within some days by doing this process for some days regularly.  
  • Use of sweet beet, immersed black gram, date, basil leaves Triphala by mixing a little turmeric and leaves of neem cures the disease named leprosy. 
  • Use of green vegetable of gram (Chane Ka Saag) regularly for two months.
  • The patient should not eat salt and sugar in his meal in this disease.
  • Fill water in the pot of bronze at night. Drinking this water proves very beneficial for the treatment of leprosy.
  • First, the patient should cleanse his stomach to normalize digestion system. He should adopt enema to cleanse his stomach. Then, he should apply mudpack on his stomach. Thereafter, he should take hip-bath (Kati-Snan). Kunjal Kirya should be done by the patient too. The patient of leprosy gets rid of this disease within some days by doing treatment in this way.


        A patient gets rid of leprosy within some days by doing the treatment as mentioned above.