If a person suffers from sprain and any organ of the body has become crushed, the patient feels excessive pain and wound becomes produced there. Such kinds of injury can be cured by nature therapy.

Symptoms of injury:

        Flesh cuts into small pieces on the injured portion of the body and pus is produced on there too. The patient feels inflammation and pain if injured portion of the body is touched. Sometimes, blood starts to flow from the affected area.

Cause of injury:

          Sometimes, a person suffers from sprain suddenly while walking and sometimes a person gets injured because of accident.

Treatment of injury by nature therapy:

  • If there is hardness on the injured portion, the patient should foment affected area with a light hot cloth.
  • If injury has been changed into a wound, pus and pus mixed blood should be expelled out. Thereafter, tie a bandage made of many folds on that place. Injury affected portion should kept on a little high place. Thereafter, keep a cold bandage for five to seven minutes on the wounds and then the bandage should be removed from the wound for seven 5-7 minutes. After that, a bandage should be tied on the injury affected portion. If the treatment is done by nature therapy, the patient gets relief soon.