A kind of fever is called flu. It is contagious disease. This disease affects the respiratory system of the patient very much. Fever occurs with cold in this disease.  The patient keeps on suffering from headache and body ache along with fever. There is swelling in the nose and throat of the patient. Water flows from the nose and eyes of the patient. It seems as if the patient is weeping. Temperature of the patient in this fever is at least 102 degree which remains for 2-3 days but fever remains present at least five days when temperature is 104 degree.

Treatment of this disease by nature therapy:

  • The patient should take rest before the treatment. He should drink lemon mixed water until fever subsides.
  • The patient should keep fast for some days in this fever and thereafter, he should eat fruits. Then, normal meal can be taken.
  • Enema with lukewarm water should be given to the patient regularly. Thereafter, apply a soil paste on the stomach of the patient.
  • The patient should take hip (Kati-Snan). He should adopt Jalneti too. The patient gets lots of relief if he does so.
  • Keep wet bandage drenched in cold water on the forehead of the patient if fever is high.
  • Make the patient do sponge bath if temperature of patient is high in this fever and thereafter a wet bed sheet should be wrapped on the body. After sometime, feet of the patient should be washed in lukewarm water.
  • The patient should take Kunjal-Kriya if fever is high. Temperature subsides by doing so.
  • Fever subsides soon if body of the patient is rubbed.
  • The patient of flu should take complete rest and after that natural treatment should be started.
  • The patient should drink water of blue colored bottle that has been kept in the sunlight.
  • Whiteness of the tongue reduces when fever subsides. He should break fast by drinking fruits’ juice. Thereafter, he should take raw salad, sprouted pulses and soup. Flu does not attack again by doing so.
  • Massage of the back bone with the piece of ice reduces the temperature of the patient of flu.
  • Boil the leaves of basil in water and give to the patient to drink by mixing a little black pepper powder and sugar. The patient gets rid of this disease soon by this medicine.
  • The patient should not drink milk in flu. If the patient wants to drink milk, milk should be lighten by mixing water in it. Thereafter, mix honey in milk. Sugar should not mix in milk.  
  • The patient gets lots of relief by doing Sheetkari-Pranayam, Sheetali, Shava-Asana and Yoga-Dhayan. Temperature of the patient subsides soon.


          Thus, the patient of flu gets rid of this disease by the natural treatment.