If a person is bitten by a mad dog and by any other beast, the poison spreads in the body of the victim. Due to this poison, the victim suffers from allergy and different kinds of diseases. Sometimes, the patient shows the postures like an insane.

Treatment of hydrophobia according to naturopathy:

  • The blood of the bitten portion should be expelled by pressing properly as much as it may be expelled out. The wound of the bitten place should be washed with lemon juice mixed water. Thereafter, cleanse the wound and burn the wound with an iron pin after reddening it in fire.
  • If a person is bitten by mad dog, tie a rope a little above from the bitten portion. Thereafter, tie three bonds a little above and below to the bitten portion. Poisonous blood of the bitten portion should be sucked by cutting the portion with the help of knife and blade. Thereafter, bitten portion should be washed with hot water of neem leaves. 
  • Thereafter, untie to the three bonds and wash to the affected portion with cold water for at least two or more than two hours. Thereafter, wash to the wounds with lemon juice mixed hot water and make the victim adopt enema with this water too. The victim should take steam bath and after some time, he should take bath with cold water. Apply cold mud pack on the affected portion. Tie another cold mudpack when the first one becomes hot. The patient becomes normal after sometime by treating this way as mentioned above.