The patient feels problem while speaking in this disease. When he speaks, he is not able to speak clearly because his voice becomes low. It happens because there is any kind of unnecessary pressure on the nerves of trachea and the nerves become weak. The voice of the patient becomes heavy in this disease along with dryness of the throat. Sometimes, the patient suffers from dry cough and breathing in this disease.  

Cause of this disease:

  • Excessive singing, shrieking-crying and speaking loudly can be the causes of this disease.
  • Cold and humid atmosphere is the cause of hoarseness.
  • Excessive use of cold things can be the cause of this disease.
  • When polluted liquids gather into the body and reaches to the throat, the hoarseness occurs.

Treatment of hoarseness by nature therapy:

  • First, the patient should apply mud pack on the abdomen for the treatment of this disease. Thereafter, he should take enema to cleanse the stomach.  
  • The patient of hoarseness should apply mud pack around the throat in the morning and evening. A wet cloth can be wrapped around the stomach.
  • The patient should take cold and hot fomentation by turn on the throat, chest and shoulder. Thereafter, he should wash his feet with lukewarm water on the second day.
  • Mix a little salt in lukewarm water and gargle with this water in the morning and evening. He should drink salt mixed water too twice a day.
  • The patient should eat breads made with sifting mixed flour and boiled vegetables.
  • The patient of this disease should drink milk on large scale. The disease is cured soon.
  • Mix lemon juice in water and drink many times in a day. Twenty five ml water of blue bottle that has been kept in sunlight should be drunk six times in day. The disease is cured soon by adopting this treatment.