Hernia is a very serious disease according to nature therapy. Digestion power of the patient becomes very weak due to this disease and he suffers from several kinds of stomach diseases.

Symptoms of the disease named hernia:

          Swelling like tumor appears in the joints of testicles when intestine of a person misplaces from its real place. Sound like Koun-Koun is produced if the swollen parts are pressed. The disease named hernia occurs in one side of abdomen of testicles and in the joint of thighs or in the both sides. When this disease appears on the both sides of the testicles, it is called hernia. Generally, this disease is known by several names as testicles enlargement, sensation of heaviness in the abdomen, abdominal bloating, etc. When intestine misplaces from its real place, the patient feels pain near about his abdomen and he feels restlessness. Sometimes, the patient suffers from excessive pain and sometime the patient becomes the victim of death.  Sometimes, the patient feels no pain and he replaces his intestine slowly. Sometimes, this disease become serious slowly but sometimes it becomes the cause of great pain suddenly. Mostly women become the victim of this disease than the men.

Causes of hernia:

          A person becomes the victim of this disease due to the enlargement of intestines, presence of polluted substances in the abdomen and weakness of the muscles of the stomach. All the digestion systems remain in the stomach.  

Intestine misplaces from its real place due to following reasons:

  • Hard working becomes the cause of hernia.
  • If too much pressure is given on excretion due to constipation, a person can become the patient of hernia.
  • Intestine misplaces from its real place due to disturbances relating to meal and drinking wine.
  • Suppression of stool and urine may be the cause of hernia.
  • Intestine misplaces from its real place due to coughing, sneezing, laughing, jumping and giving too much pressure at the time of evacuation.
  • Intestine misplaces if there is gastric problem in the stomach.
  • Walking on foot for a long distance may be the cause of hernia.
  • Intestines misplaces from its real place if the person lifts too much weight.
  • Intestine misplaces if the body is folded very much than the capacity.

Treatment of hernia by nature therapy:

  • The patient should do Sheershasana at once after misplacing the intestines. Thereafter, make the patient lie on the stomach. After that, make high a little to the buttocks of the patient and kindle that high portion with the help of fingers. Give light pressure on the aching portion carefully. Misplaced intestine replaces on its real place by doing so. Spinal bath should be given to the patient after the treatment because of which power of the stomach muscles increase and testicles become contracted.
  • Pieces of ice should be kept on the vas deferens (Shukrgranthies). Misplaced intestine returns on its original place.
  • If misplaced intestine does not return on its original place, the patient should keep fast from that moment. If the patient has been suffering from constipation, he should fill a little water in the big intestines by the method of enema to bring the stool existed there out. Thus, misplaced intestine returns on its original place.
  • A bandage of hernia should be used for the treatment of this disease according to nature therapy. This bandage of hernia should be tied on the stomach from morning to night. This bandage keeps the above portion of the base of stomach set by giving pressure towards below side and the patient gets lots of relief. Muscles become hard because of treatment and the patient gets rid of disease soon. Laying on the back in the morning and evening according to rules the patient should massage the disease affected portion. Period of massage should be increased slowly from five minutes to ten minutes. The patient should apply soil on the affected portion for half an hour after massaging. Thus, the disease is cured by the use of this treatment.    
  • A bandage of soil on the stomach and giving steam on the disease affected area provide lots of relief.
  • Soft branches of poppy should cook in the water of earthen pot. Give steam of the water to the patient when the water boils. Stomach should be washed with this water when a little water remains. Thus, the disease is cured by the use of this treatment.

Following exercises can cure this disease:

  • If intestine has been misplaced from its original place, make the feet of the patient hold by someone or make them tied with a Chauki (a kind of stool) with a bandage and keep his hand on his waist. Thereafter, lift head and shoulders 6 inches high from the stool and make him return in the previous stage and fold the body towards the left side. Thereafter, make the hands above the head and try to lift the body. This exercise is a little hard. Hence, mention one thing that excessive pressure should not be given. First, try as much as there is contraction in the muscles. Thereafter, increase it gradually to complete it. Thus, the person gets rid of this disease.    
  • Make the patient lie flatly and fold his knees to touch the stomach and thereafter stretch them in full length until their movement complete and touch to the stool. The patient gets rid of this disease.
  • Make the both hands of the patient stretch and allow him held the edges of stool and try to stretch his feet as far as possible. Thereafter, stretch the head of the patient towards above. The patient gets rid of the disease.
  • Make the patient hold the stool by the both the hands. Thereafter, the patient should lift his feet above the head and bring them towards stool in a long way towards above. After that, he should keep his feet first towards left side and then right side. Mention one thing necessarily while doing this that excessive pressure should not be come on the feet. If hernia is in right side, he should fold his feet towards right side than the left side. In this way, misplaced intestine replaces on its original place.
  • Misplaced intestine replaces on its original place by adopting different kinds of Asans as Ardhsarvang-Asana, Paschmothan-Asana, Bhujan-Asana, Sarvang-Asana, Sheersh-Asana and Salabh-Asana.
  • The patient should keep fast on the first day to replace the misplaced intestines. Thereafter, the patient should take only fruits, vegetables and whey. Sometimes, milk can be taken. If the patient has been suffering from constipation, he should start the treatment of constipation before the treatment of this disease. The patient should adopt enema at least once in the morning and he should take bath with lukewarm water and then with cold water. Steam bath is also necessary once a week. The patient of this disease should sleep on a bed without mattress and he should keep pillow under the head. He should tie a wet bandage around the waist. The patient gets lots of relief.
  • The patient should drink 50 ml water of dark blue colored bottle that has been kept in sunlight. Drink this water six times everyday.