Hair Graying



          Generally, grey hair with growing age is a common thing but premature Hair graying is a kind of disease. When a person becomes the victim of this disease, the hair of that person starts to be grey day after day. Hair graying is a matter of anxiety and especially for women. If hair becomes grey before time, beauty of the face disappears. This disease can be cured by nature therapy.  

Causes of grey hair:

  • Imbalanced diet and lack of vitamin ‘B’, iron, copper and iodine are some causes of grey hair.
  • Mental anxiety can be the cause of grey hair.
  • Hair becomes grey in the lack of cleanliness of the head.
  • Hair becomes grey because of many diseases as sinus, obstinate constipation and lack of proper circulation of blood.
  • Use of shampoo, soap and oil made from chemical can be the causes of grey hair. 
  • Hair becomes grey in the lack of sound and complete sleep.
  • If hair does not get nutrition properly, it becomes grey.
  • Excessive anger, anxiety and excessive physical labour cause warmth that reach into the hair roots and make the hair rough and dry and gray.
  • Irregular eating habits and polluted mentality can be the cause of grey hair.

Natural treatment of grey hair:

  • First, the patient should take imbalanced diet, fruit, salad, sprouted grains and green vegetables.
  • The patient should drink the juice of carrot, spinach, Indian gooseberry.
  • The patient should drink soya milk. He should eat black sesame.
  • The patient should eat almond and wall nut in sufficient quantity.
  • Hair of a person does not grey soon if he eats cow milk. Many hair problems of a person disappear if cow ghee is eaten.
  • Grind Indian gooseberry (Amla), Indian penny wort and Bhringraj altogether properly. Keep this mixture in caldron of iron to immerse. Crush this mixture in the morning and make a paste and then apply this paste in the head for 15 minutes. Hair becomes black naturally if it is done twice a week. 
  • Grind flowers of shoe flower and leaves of mint with some water altogether properly to make a paste. Apply this paste in the head twice a week for half hour. Hair becomes black by doing so.
  • Cook 80 ml juice of sweet beet mixing with 150 ml oil of mustard until mustard oil remains only. Fill this preparation into bottles when it cools down properly. Massage head with this oil regularly to stop hair fall and premature greying of hair. Several other hair problems disappear with this treatment.
  • Mix juice of indian gooseberry (Amla) in equal quantity of almond oil. Apply this oil in head at night at the time of sleeping. Its use stops premature Hair graying.
  • Grind leaves of basil at night and mix powder of Indian gooseberry. Keep this mixture in water to immerse. Filter this water in the morning and wash head. Hair becomes black with in some days by doing so.
  • Mix lemon juice in the powder of Indian gooseberry and apply in head. Hair becomes thick, strong and black by its use.
  • Oil that has been kept in sunlight by filling in a sky blue colored bottle makes hair black.
  • A person should become free from mental tensions and anxiety. Thereafter, start treatment by nature therapy.
  • Several kinds of Yoga-Asana as Sarvang-Asana, Mataysa-Asana, Shava-Asana and Yognidra prove very beneficial to get rid of this hair problem. Hair of the person who follows above formula does not become grey.
  • Itch your head and comb your hair after having meal. It proves very beneficial.

Method how to prepare oil that helps to protect from hair falling and grey hair:

  • First, take an iron pot. Fill one kg coconut oil, 100 grams powder of Indian gooseberry, soap nut and acacia concinna, one big spoon of henna, 2 spoons Ratanjot powder in this pot. Mix this mixture properly and keep in sunlight at least one week. Boil this mixture on low flame. Mix lemon juice and camphor after boiling and filtering. Fill this preparation into bottles. Thereafter, apply this oil in head. Hair becomes long, thick and black after its use.
  • Grind half kg dry Indian gooseberry and clean. Thereafter grind liquorice and mix in Indian gooseberry powder. Mix eight folds water in this mixture properly. Leave the preparation to immerse in a pot. Boil this preparation in the morning until half water remains. Put down the vessel and sieve it after mixing properly. Mix oil in this preparation again and cook this preparation until water burns properly. Put down the pot from the fire. Fill this preparation in a bottle by mixing fragrance and color according to wish in it. Apply this oil in the head. A person gets rid of headache, grey hair and hair falls by applying this oil. Hair becomes long, thick and black by its use. Its use ends the dryness of head.
  • Grind 250 grams gourd properly and extract its total juice through a cloth. Mix 250 grams coconut oil in it and cook on low fire. Keep on mixing gourd juice in it until the oil becomes hot. Leave the preparation to boil. When water burns properly, put down it and make cool and after that fill into the bottle.
  • Apply this oil in the head regularly. Its use strengthens the root of the hair and provides coolness to the head. Memory power of a person sharpens by its regular use. Its massage on the soles ends their inflammation and the patient gets lots of relief. Thus, several hair diseases disappear by natural treatment.