Action of digestive system becomes slow due to this disease because of which several kinds of disease occur in the body. Digestion system becomes affected from any disease.

Symptoms of this disease:

  • Retching, flatulence, wind in the stomach, stomachache and inflammation in the stomach start to appear in this disease.
  • The patient starts to feel a little nervousness after having meal.
  • The food eaten by the victim does not digest properly.
  • The patient of this disease starts to vomit and eaten food comes out. Drops of blood come with stool in this disease.

Causes of this disease:

  • Swelling in the soft internal portion of the mucus membrane becomes the cause of the origin of this disease.
  • Excessive use of medicine than the need and physical and mental tension becomes the cause of this disease.
  • Excessive smoking, drinking and other intoxicating substance become the cause of this disease.

Treatment of this disease according to naturopathy:

  • The patient should adopt enema for at least three days regularly to cleanse the stomach. He should try to kill the causes of the origin of this disease.
  • First, the patient should normalize his blood circulation system before the treatment of this disease. For it, he should apply mud pack on his stomach for two- three hours regularly for some days.
  • The patient should take hip-bath (Kati-Snan) with cold water regularly.
  • He should use gastro-hepatic covering if he suffers from stomachache. Its use provides relief.
  • The patient should take hot or cold application in this disease. He should take hip-bath too.
  • The patient should drink milk cooled by mixing ice for the treatment of this disease. He should not take food. He should suck pieces of ice. The patient gets relief soon in this disease.
  • Harmful foodstuffs as coffee, medicines, wine and smoking are not allowed in this disease because the use of these things may be prove harmful for the patient.