Cracks appear in the skin of the anus in this disease and these cracks reach into the deepness of the muscles because of which the patient of this disease faces great difficulty while evacuating. The patient feels inflammation and pain when he evacuates stool.

Symptoms of fissure:

  • The patient feels pain near about the anus in this disease and he suffers from violent pain while evacuating of stool.
  • Sometimes blood comes with stool in this disease. The patient feels itching around the anus.

Cause of fissure:

        Dietetic errors are the main cause of fissure by which the patient suffers from constipation. The patient evacuates hard stool because of constipation which breaks the structure of the mouth of the anus and membrane.

Treatment of fissure according to naturopathy:

  • First, for the treatment of fissure, the patient should try to break his constipation so that stool may come easily and regularly. 
  • The patient should drink the juice of fruits and fruits should be eaten. Fruits as mosambi, orange, pine apple, carrot, pumpkin, white ash guard, papaya, apple, guava and grapes can be taken. Thereafter, the patient should take normal and balanced diet. Breads prepared with the flour that has not been sieved, pulse with peels, fig, date palm, green leafy vegetable, etc. should be included in the diet. The disease is cured within some days by doing so. 
  • The patient of fissure should not eat sugar and sugar made foodstuffs as well as oily and spicy foodstuffs at any rate.
  • The patient should drink water as much as he can drink. Thereafter, the treatment should be started according to naturopathy.
  • The patient should wash his anus with neem water for the treatment of fissure. The patient should adopt enema with hot water regularly. Mud pack should be applied on the stomach and anus. Dry rubbing should be done on the stomach and anus. The disease is cured within some days by doing so.
  • The patient of fissure should drink water of green bottle that has been kept in sunlight as the dose of medicine six times in a day.
  • There are several kinds of Asanas and yoga for the treatment of fissure. A patient gets rid of this disease by doing these Asanas. These Asanas and Yogik Kirya are as Yogmudra-Asana, Uttan-Pada-Asana, Supt-Pawanmukta-Asana, Vajra-Asana, Bhujanga-Asana, Shalabha-Asana, Shava-Asana, Yog-Mudara. These Asnas and Yogik Kiryas should be done regularly.