A foot of a person becomes as fat as foot of elephant due to swelling in this disease. That is the reason why it is called elephantiasis. Testicles, hands, feet get affected because of this disease.

Cause of elephantiasis:

        A bacterium named Filariya ben craft is the main cause of this disease. When this bacterium enters into the body of a person, he becomes the patient of elephantiasis.

Treatment of this disease by nature therapy:

  • The patient of this disease should keep fast for two days only by drinking fruits juice for the treatment of this disease. Thereafter, he should eat fruits for eight days. He should adopt enema with lukewarm water to cleanse the stomach. The patient gets lots of relief by doing so.
  • A hot soil paste should be applied on the disease affected portion of the patient for half hour. He should keep his affected foot a little above for half hour. Thereafter, wash feet with lukewarm water. This process should be done twice a day. The patient should apply a soil paste around the waist at night before sleeping. He should take hipbath (Kati-Snan) twice a day. The disease is cured soon by this treatment.
  • Mix water of green and yellow colored bottles which has been kept in sunlight. Drink 25 ml water 6 times a day to get rid of elephantiasis.  


          Thus, the patient of elephantiasis gets rid of this disease by doing the treatment by nature therapy.