Dysentery is kind of loose motions. A person becomes weak when he suffers from this disease. Intestines of the patient become weak in this disease.

Symptoms of dysentery:

  • When the patient of this disease evacuates stool, blood and greasy substance come with stool.
  • The patient wants to evacuate stool again just after the evacuation of stool.
  • The patient feels excessive pain in the stomach and he does not feel appetite properly.
  • The patient feels excessive thirst and he becomes weak very much.
  • Sometimes, the patient of dysentery suffers from fever too. The temperature of the body may rise to 104 degree.
  • The patient of dysentery suffers from laziness and he does not want to do any work. The patient keeps on sinking the lap of grief.

Cause of dysentery:

        Use of impure food becomes the cause of this disease. Polluted liquid gathers in the body because of the use of impure food. He keeps on suffering from constipation because of which sores occur in the intestines. Germs of this disease are produced in these sores of intestines. There are two kinds of dysentery on the base of these germs - amoebic dysentery and bascillary dysentery. The patient should be very careful if he has been suffering from amoebic dysentery otherwise this disease disappears slowly. Bascillary dysentery is acute but the patient of this disease becomes well soon by the treatment.

Treatment of dysentery:

  • The patient of dysentery should cleanse his stomach by adopting enema with lukewarm water. Cold and hot applications should be applied on the stomach after enema. Thereafter, keep a bandage of cloth by drenching in cold and hot water or apply mud pack. Keep a bandage many times according to disease. The disease is cured by doing so. 
  • First, the patient should take hip-bath (Kati-Snan) for the treatment of dysentery. Thereafter, the patient should take hot feet bath (washing feet with hot water) once in a day.
  • The patient should keep fast until the patient gets rid of this disease. He should keep on drinking lemon juice mixed water. Then, he should drink juice of fruits according to need. Fruits also can be eaten. The disease is cured soon by this treatment.
  • The patient gets lots of relief by drinking whey in excessive quantity. Thus, the disease named dysentery is cured.
  • The patient of this disease should drink water of sky blue colored bottle that has been kept in sunlight.
  • The patient should cover wet bed sheet around the waist at night while sleeping regularly and he should do light exercise too in the morning. He should do some exercises in which deep breaths are taken.
  • The patient of dysentery should foment his stomach with cold and hot applications if he has been suffering from convulsion and stomachache. Hot fomentation should be done for at least 10 minutes and then keep cold applications for ten minutes too. Thus, the patient gets rid of stomachache and convulsion by doing so.
  • If blood comes with stool, the patient should drink 25 ml water of sky blue colored bottle four times in a day. Mix water of green colored bottle in the water of dark blue colored bottle properly and drink 25 ml water four times in a day. Blood does not come with stool by drinking this water and the patient gets rid of dysentery. 
  • Immerse six grams Isbgol in water for at least ten hours and drink twice or thrice in a day. Inflammation of the intestines is cured and the patient becomes well.  
  • The patient should not take meal until glutinous substance stops with stool. The patient should drink juice of fruits in sufficient quantity.