When polluted water gathers in the stomach of a person, he becomes the patient of dropsy. The patient is not able in digesting the normal water. Swelling comes on the face and hands and mouth of the patient in the serious stage of this dropsy. Sometimes, the patient suffers from fever too. A hole takes birth near about the anus of the patient if he presses there. 

Cause of dropsy:

        When liver, gall bladder, kidneys and heart become weak; they do not do their job properly because of which blood of the body changes into water and accumulates in the fibres. In this way, the disease named dropsy occurs. Due to this reason, water gathers in the whole body or especially in the stomach.    

        When dejecta does not excrete properly from the body or accumulation of urine and sweat enhance in the body, the disease named dropsy takes birth.


        Stomach puffs because of the accumulation of water in the stomach in this disease.

Treatment of dropsy according to naturopathy:

  • The patient of this disease should take diuretic foodstuffs to cleanse the stomach. 
  • The patient should normalize his digestion system by adopting natural treatment because this disease disappears when digestion system becomes well.
  • The patient of this disease should stop drinking of water along with food. If the patient feels thirst, curd water, butter, fresh whey, juice of fruits or butter of cow milk should be given to the patient. Besides it, nothing should be given to the patient.
  • If the patient is not weak, he should keep fast for one day.
  • Apply mud pack on the swelling affected stomach once or twice a day. The patient should cleanse his stomach by adopting enema with lukewarm water for some days regularly. Enema can be adopted in the morning too.
  • If the patient is too much weak, keep cold wet bandage near about the heart for 25 minutes thrice a day. The area of the chest should be made red by massaging after removing the bandage.
  • The patient should live in an open and neat area.
  • The patient of dropsy should foment his stomach by sitting in the sunlight in the morning. Do this activity for at least half hour. The patient should keep orange colored mirror in the sunlight in this way that the light of the mirror may fall on the stomach directly. 
  • The patient should drink 25 ml. suncharged water of orange colored bottle (which has been kept in sunlight). He should drink this water six times in a day.