Depression is a kind of emotional disorder which is the result of all the problems of contemporary life. A person considers that he is the patient of any disease though he has no disease. When the patient of this disease goes to the doctor for the treatment, the doctor says to him that he is not ill. In this situation, the person goes to another patient. The patient reduces the prophylactic power of the body because of negative mentality. Thus, he becomes the victim of many diseases.  

Symptoms of depression:

          The patient sinks into the sea of despair and frustration in this disease. He has the feeling of insecurity in this disease. The victim does not want to talk other people. The patient feels no appetite in this disease.    

Causes of depression:

  • A person becomes the victim of this disease if he eats stale meal continuously.
  • Suppression of urine and stool may be the cause of depression.
  • Constipation and deficiency of nutritive elements in the body may be the cause of this disease.
  • A person becomes the patient of this disease if adrenal gland is not working well.
  • A person becomes depressed if he does not take meal on right time or he takes imbalanced diet.
  • Excessive use of medicines may be the cause depression.

Natural treatment to get rid of depression:

  • The patient should drink the juice of fruits and vegetables for some days regularly. He should keep fast once in a day. Thus, the patient gets rid of this disease soon by this treatment.
  • The patient should not take fried foodstuffs, spiced foodstuffs, fine flour, sugar and polluted meal in this disease. 
  • Mix soyabean or its oil in one glass of milk and drink in the morning and evening. The patient gets lots of relief by doing so.
  • Immerse almonds in water at night before sleeping. Grind these almonds in the morning and eat the paste and drink the water in which almonds have been immersed. The patient gets rid of this disease by taking this preparation for some days regularly.
  • First, the patient should cleanse the stomach by using enema to get rid of depression. After that, mudpack should be applied on the stomach. Thereafter, he should take hip-bath (Kati-Snan), cold sitz bath (Mehen-Snan) and backbone bath. Then, rub to the body without any application. Thereafter, he should wash his feet with hot water. Body should be massaged properly too. The patient gets rid of depression.  
  • There are some Yoga-Asana and Yogik-Kirya to get rid of depression. A victim gets rid of this disease by adopting such Asana and Yogik-Kirya. Such Asana are as Bhujanga-Asana, Shalabha-Asana, Hala-Asana, Sarvanga-Asana, Paschimothan-Asana, Chakra-Asana, Gyanmudra, Tirbundh, Lom-Vilom, Kapalbhati and Bhastrika-Pranayam.
  • The patient should walk on open area in the morning. He should take deep breaths by leaving negative thinking. He gets rid of this disease by adopting positive thinking.


        The patient needs mental treatment in this disease. Hence, do not criticize to the patient. Don’t behave rudely with him because situation can become worse by doing so.