Dandruff is the particles of dead skin of the head which keep on appearing by removing new skin. These particles are called dandruff. Both the men and women become the victim of this disease. Mostly people don’t know whether dandruff of their head is oily or dry. Particles of dandruff are very small which keep on sticking with the skin of the head or spreading in the hair. Such kind of dandruff creates itching in the head whereas oily dandruff is related to small particles of sebum. Hair fall starts if a person has become the victim of dandruff many times. 

          Dandruff is the biggest enemy of hair. Hair loses its attraction due to dandruff. White colored dandruff occurs after dryness on the head in this disease. Dandruff starts to fall from the hair, when hair is combed and rubbed. It can appear in the form of spots or crust on the head. If such kinds of crusts are not separated from the hair, pores of the hair close.   

          A person can become the victim of dandruff if hair is not cleansed properly and dandruff spreads too. Hence, a victim should not give his comb, brush, soap and towel. Head should be washed as many times as a person can wash.

Cause of dandruff:

  • Accumulation of polluted substance in the body, dietetic errors and polluted meal may be the cause of dandruff.
  • A person can become the victim of dandruff in the lack of proper cleanliness.
  • Comb, towel, brush of a patient of dandruff should not be used by another persons otherwise they may be victim of dandruff.
  • Lack of prophylactic power in the body may be cause of dandruff in the head. Emotional tension may be the cause of dandruff too.

Treatment of dandruff in naturopathy:

  • Mix juice of lemon in water and rub in the root of hair for one week properly. Wash head after sometime. Dandruff disappears by doing so.
  • Mix one part honey in three parts olive oil. Apply this preparation on the head and then cover a hot towel on the head. Thereafter, wash head properly. Thus, dandruff disappears by washing head in this way. 
  • Mix four percent camphor in the oil of coconut. Wash head properly and make the hair dry. After that, apply oil in the head and massage properly. Thus, the patient gets rid of dandruff by doing so.
  • Immerse Indian gooseberry, acacia concinna, soap nut in water altogether. Wash head with this water. Dandruff disappears by washing head 2-3 times in this way.  
  • Massage head with olive oil regularly. Thereafter, twist towel by drenching in hot water and tie on the whole head. Oil and steam reach into the root of hair by doing so. Wash head with lukewarm water after three hour to cleanse the stomach.
  • Washing head with curd and whey proves very beneficial.
  • Mix juice of lemon in mustard oil or mix excessive water in the vinegar and apply in the root of hair. Wash head after two hours properly. Dandruff reduces by doing so.
  • Regular dry massage of the head in the morning ends dandruff.
  • Mix a little mustard oil in the curd and apply this preparation on the head for sometime. Wash head properly with this preparation. Thus, the patient gets rid of this disease by doing so.
  • Regular massage of the head with curd for half hour ends to the dandruff completely.
  • Immerse seeds of fenugreek in water at night and grind in the morning into a fine paste. Apply this paste on the head for half hour and wash head.
  • Keep hair neat and clean by using brush, shampoo and comb. Take balanced and easily digested food. Head should be massaged with hot oil twice a day in week. 
  • Head should be massaged with the decoction of rosemary.
  • Mix juice of one lemon in hot water and apply in the head. Wash head with water after sometime. The patient gets lots of relief by doing so. Before washing head and after massaging the head, cover a towel by drenching in hot or cold water. Pores of the skin open and circulation of the blood becomes high by doing so. Thus, a patient gets rid of dandruff.
  • Keep head in the sunlight in the morning for at least half an hour. Thereafter, apply the paste of muscovite on the head and wash head after sometime. Dandruff disappears by doing so.
  • Mix juice of one lemon in the white portion of one egg and apply on the head for half hour. Wash head with normal water. Mix vinegar in normal water and wash head.
  • Massage head with oil of blue colored bottle that has been kept in sunlight. Dandruff ends by doing so for some days regularly.
  • The patient should keep fast once in a week to expel out the polluted liquids from the body. He should drink the juice of cabbage, spinach and pineapple. After that he should take uncooked meal. Thereafter, simple food should be taken and fruits, sprouted pulses and salad should be included in the meal.  
  • Tea, coffee, spices, foodstuffs made from refined oil, fine flour products should not be taken by the patient.


          Thus, dandruff disappears from the head completely if the treatment is done according to naturopathy.