The people, who wear wrong size shoes, become the victim of this disease. If a person wears small sized shoes, the frontal portion of the foot starts to press due to small shoes. Joints of the paws of the feet become big due to itching because of constant pressure on the paws. Swelling occurs there too. The patient has to face big trouble due to this swelling.

Treatment of corns according to naturopathy:

  • Fill water in a tub and mix salt in it during day. The patient should keep his feet in the water for some hours. The patient gets lots of relief by doing so.
  • Grind raw potato and apply this paste on the paws of feet. Thereafter, a bandage should be tied after applying the paste of potato. The bandage should be changed twice a day. This treatment cures the disease within 2-3 days.
  • The patient gets rid of this disease if he ties the peel of banana on the disease affected portion of feet for 3-4 days regularly.
  • Each person should wear one inch big shoes. Frontal portion of the shoes should be broad so that there is no pressure on the paws of feet.
  • Paws should be expanded in right direction after putting off the shoes.
  • Mix Epsom salt in hot water and wash the corns affected portion. Pain of the disease vanishes by doing so and the disease named corns disappears soon.