The disease named cholera is also called by several names as Visuchika, cholera, Alautha and loose motions and vomiting, etc. There are other forms of this disease too as Alsak, Vilimbika and Visuchika

         When a person becomes the victim of cholera, he suffers from vomiting and loose motions. Besides it, he suffers from spasm in the feet and stomach. Body of the patient becomes cool in this disease. Pulse of the patient becomes low. The patient becomes the victim of water deficiency because of this disease and he becomes weak physically. This disease occurs after indigestion. The indigestion in which the patient suffers from pricking pain is called cholera.

         Urine does not come into the urinary bladder when a person becomes the patient of this disease. The bladder becomes dry due to inner heat of the body because of which the patient passes no urine. The danger of this disease does not disappear until the patient passes urine again. If this disease is not treated soon, the patient can be the victim of death too.

Symptoms of cholera:

  • The patient suffers from vomiting and yellow colored loose motions. He suffers from spasm and pain.
  • The patient suffers stomachache, restlessness, yawning, inflammation, headache and pain in the heart.
  • Body of the patient becomes cool and yellow due to cholera and eyes sink inside. 
  • Lips, teeth and nails of the patient become black in this disease.
  • Sometimes, bones of the patient stop their working from the joints in this disease.

Causes of cholera:

  • It is contagious disease which spreads because of different kinds of flies and polluted water.
  • The main cause of this disease is wrong eating habits or use of polluted meal.
  • Polluted liquid starts to gather in the body due to the use of polluted meal and a person becomes the victim of cholera.
  • The disease named cholera occurs due to indigestion.
  • If digestion system of a person is disturbed, he can become the victim of this disease.

Treatment of cholera according to naturopathy:

  • The patient of this disease should drink lemon mixed water or coconut water to supply required water and  to expel out all the polluted liquid from the body with vomiting.
  • Drinking mint water proves very beneficial in this disease.
  • Boil cloves in water and give to the patient to drink. Its use cures the disease cholera.
  • Grind basil leaves and black pepper and give to the patient of cholera. The patient gets rid of this disease after the use of above medicine.
  • Mix lemon and onion juice in hot water and give to the patient to drink. The patient gets rid of cholera after taking this medicine.
  • The patient should apply mud pack on the abdomen. Thereafter, he should adopt enema to cleanse the stomach. After that, the patient should gargle with hot water. Thereafter, he should take hip-bath (kati-snan). The patient gets rid of cholera by this treatment.
  • Keep on giving lemon mixed water to the patient until the patient gets well. Suggest him to keep fast. If the patient wants to eat something, some fruits should be given to the patient to eat.
  • First, the patient should try to kill all the causes of the origin of this disease. Thereafter, treatment should be started.
  • No medicine should be used for the treatment of cholera.
  • The patient should live on such a clean place where sunlight and air may reach easily.
  • Light lukewarm water should be given to the patient of cholera when he wants to drink water.
  • Hands and feet of the patient should be sunk into hot water when he feels spasm in the hands and feet. Thereafter, wrap hot cloth at that place.
  • Mix lemon juice in 28 ml water of blue color that has been kept in sunlight. Thereafter, keep on giving this water to the patient at the regular interval of 5-10 minutes. Keep on giving this water to the patient until vomiting and loose motions stop completely.

Some precautions to avoid cholera:

  • A person should not become the victim of indigestion if he wants to remain far from cholera.
  • A person should not take meal on a dirty and crowded place to avoid cholera.
  • The patient should not stay on the place where he evacuates.
  • A person should not take stale foodstuffs, decayed and rotten food and sweet kept on an open place.
  • Do not drink water from such kinds of ponds and wells which are situated on a dirty place.  Dirty water should not be drunk at any rate.
  • Try to remain far from sunstrokes. A person should not come out in sunstrokes during summer season.
  • Water should not be drunk while taking meal. Water should be drunk after two hours of taking meal.
  • Take always normal and simple food. Meal should not be taken more than the need at any rate.
  • Food should not be taken more than the hunger to avoid this disease.
  • A person should include onion, mint, lemon and old ripe tamarind in his meal to avoid cholera.
  • Mix one or half lemon in water and drink if a person wants to take remain far from cholera. Blood purifies by drinking this water and there is no fear of cholera in this situation.
  • All foodstuffs should be covered to keep the flies away.
  • A person should not wake up for long time during night.
  • Do not do excessive work to avoid exhaustion.
  • Avoid wrong techniques of sexual intercourse because wrong techniques of sexual intercourse can be the cause of cholera.