It is a kind of wound which appears on the buttocks at the center of thighs and genitals. A person suffers from swelling near about the genitals in the beginning of this disease and thereafter a kind of hard tumor becomes produced there. Sometimes, the patient feels pain in the tumor and sometimes there is no pain in the tumor. There are two kinds of bubo. Sometimes, bubo is suppurated and sometimes not.  The patient feels excessive pain due to bubo and the pain spreads throughout whole thigh. 

Cause of bubo:

  • Irregular sexual intercourse and jumping are the main causes of bubo.
  • When polluted stool mingles in blood of the body, the person becomes the victim of this disease.

Treatment of this disease by nature therapy:

  • The patient of this disease should take hip-bath (Kati-Snan) in the morning and evening. The patient should pour water over his head and he should keep towel drenched in cold water on the brain.
  • The patient should take bath with cold water after two minutes of hip-bath. This formula should be done thrice a day.
  • Lukewarm water should be poured on the bubo twice or thrice a day until the wound of bubo is suppurated properly or he should apply a paste of hot soil on the affected portion for ten minutes at least two hours one by one or he should tie a bandage of wet cloth on it. Pus and poisonous substance should be expelled out after the suppuration of bubo properly. Thereafter, grind the leaves of neem and make a paste. Tie this paste on the bubo with the help of a bandage. The disease named bubo disappears within a few days if the bandage is done regularly. 
  • The patient should adopt enema with lukewarm water daily to cleanse the stomach and to expel out polluted liquids from the body.
  • Bubo should be washed by mixing lemon juice in lukewarm water. Thereafter, a bandage of cloth should be tied on the wound of bubo. The patient should tie a bandage drenched in hot water on the wound for at least five minutes when there is pus in the wound. Thereafter, pus and poisonous liquid should be expelled out by breaking the bubo and this wound should be fomented 3-4 times by drenching a cloth in cold water. The disease named bubo is cured within some days.
  • Give light steam to the wound of bubo twice a day when bubo may burst. Thereafter, a hot bandage of sandy soil and a wet bandage of cloth should be applied one by one. Thereafter, we should wash the wound with cold water after removing the bandage.
  • Mix lemon juice in coconut oil and apply on the wound of bubo to keep the flies away along with the nature therapy. Wound heals up soon by doing this.
  • Wound of bubo heals up very soon if the patient chews 4-5 leaves of neem in the morning.