Appendix is situated where both small and big intestines meet to each other. When swelling comes on this portion, a person feels pain in the right side of the stomach and a tumor occurs there. That portion becomes hard after swelling.

Symptoms of the disease:

          When a person becomes the victim of this disease, he feels excessive pain and inflammation in the right side of the stomach. The person becomes the victim of many diseases as vomiting, constant desire for vomiting, stinking breath, constipation, fever, etc. swelling keeps on increasing continuously if this disease is not treated at the right time.

Cause of this disease:

          Constipation is the chief cause of this disease. A person may become the victim of this disease if he eats heavy and spiced meal on a large scale. Mostly, non-vegetarian persons may be the victim of this disease.

Treatment of Appendicitis by nature therapy:

  • The patient of this disease should start the treatment of constipation and thereafter he should take complete rest. Thereafter, the patient should give up meal completely. He should drink only a little water at the regular interval. After that, the patient should adopt enema 2-3 times to cleanse the stomach. He should foment his stomach many times in a day with any hot thing and he should apply a bandage of soil on the stomach. If the patient is not able to bear the weight of soil of the bandage, he should keep only the wet bandage. On the third day, he should drink fruits and vegetables juice and lemon water. Thereafter, he should take uncooked meal for one week. The patient should take the balanced diet too after getting rid of the disease named Appendicitis. He should avoid from constipation in the stomach. Thus, the disease is cured soon by this treatment.
  • If the patient has been suffering from excessive thirst, a little water should be given to the patient with the help of spoon. Water should be drunk by the patient in so much quantity so that there is no pressure on the appendix because it may be the cause of excessive pain. The patient should take enema twice a day until the disease is cured completely.
  • Cold and hot fomentation of the painful part in the morning, at noon and in the evening is necessary. Hot and cold fomentation should be done at the interval of half an hour. The patient should warm his feet with the help of bottles filled with water. He should wash his head twice or thrice a day. Thereafter, he should mop his body with wet towel. He should take hip-bath (Kati-Snan) in the morning and cold sitz bath (Mehen Snan) in the evening. The patient gets lots of relief and he becomes healthy by this treatment.  
  • The patient should apply a wet bandage of soil on the painful part many times a day and the bandage should be changed after drying. Mention one thing that the bandage should be big and half inch thick. The wet bandage of cloth should be tied for some days after reducing the swelling of the appendix. The disease is cured by the use of this treatment.   
  • The patient should drink 50 ml green and yellow water that has been charged by sunlight eight times in a day. Its use provides lots of relief and the disease is cured within some days.
  • The patient should drink water from green and yellow bottles which have been kept in sunlight until the disease is cured completely. Thereafter, this water should not be drink. The disease of the patient is cured soon by the treatment of nature therapy.
  • The patient should never eat intoxicating and spicy meal because the disease becomes serious by the use of these things.