Acute and chronic disease



All the diseases can be divided into two parts.

  • Acute diseases
  • Chronic diseases

Acute diseases:

        Acute diseases are our friends not enemy because presence of such kinds of diseases in the body cleanse body internally. Thus, we remain far from chronic diseases. 

Causes of acute diseases:

        Those people, who have polluted liquid in the body and it starts to exude from the body in an unnatural way, become the victim of this disease.

Symptoms of acute disease:

  • The patient of acute disease does not feel appetite or feels slight appetite.
  • Taste of the patient’s mouth becomes bitter and the patient gets no taste when he eats any foodstuff.
  • Tongue of the patient is filthy.
  • Blisters appear in the mouth of the patient of this disease.
  • Throat is disturbed in this disease and he feels difficulty while speaking.
  • The patient from continuous headache.

Following are the kinds of acute diseases.

  • Fever
  • Vomiting
  • Cough
  • Catarrh and several kinds of other diseases

Treatment of acute diseases according to natural way:

  • The patient of this disease should keep fast for some days. Thereafter, the patient should adopt enema to cleanse the stomach and to expel out the polluted liquid from the body.
  • These diseases should not be suppressed by using medicines because several other kinds of diseases can occur by the use of allopathic medicines.

Chronic diseases:

         When polluted liquid does not exude from the body, it keeps on gathering in any portion of the body and several kinds of diseases occur where the polluted substance gathers. Thus, different kinds of diseases as tuberculosis and cancer occur.

  • First, the patient should remove all the causes of the origin of the disease. Thereafter, treatment should be started according to naturopathy.
  • First, the patient should drink juice of fruits for some days regularly for the treatment of this disease. After that he should eat fruits for some days. He should cleanse his stomach by using enema and to expel the polluted substance out from the body.
  • All the chronic diseases can be treated according to natural treatment. He should not eat some foodstuffs too. He should keep belief on the treatment. Thus, the patient gets rid of this disease.

Some peculations should be followed during the treatment of chronic diseases:

  • Make both palms warm before adopting any cold treatment. Then, treatment should be started.
  • After cold treatment, the patient should walk on the open area or he should do light exercise to warm the body.
  • The patient should drink water before the hot treatment and wet towel should be kept on the head.
  • The patient should not take excessive treatment to get excessive relief because it proves harmful for the patient.
  • When the patient adopts treatment with cold water, he should take bath with cold water after half hour.
  • Treatment should be started after two and half hour of taking meal.
  • If the patient wants to eat something after the treatment, he should eat any foodstuff after half hour.