A person becomes the patient of constipation due to acidity and because of this reason he suffers from light ache in the stomach. In this disease, food taken by the patient does not digest properly. This disease can be cured by nature therapy.

Symptoms of acidity:

          The patient of this disease starts to feel inflammation in the stomach, vomiting and sour belching. Besides it, the patient feels nausea too.   

Causes of this disease:

  • Acidity takes birth due to constipation in the stomach.
  • A person may be the victim of this disease if he lives in excessive depression and anxiety.
  • Use of spicy food, having much food than the hunger, use of coffee and tea, drinking wine and smoking tobacco are the cause of acidity. 
  • Use of Gutkha, sugar, salt and mental depression are the cause of this disease.
  • If excessive hydrochloric acid takes place in the stomach of a person, he will become the victim of acidity.

Treatment of acidity by nature therapy:

  • The patient should eat carrot, cucumber, cabbage, gourd and white ash gourd on a large scale for the treatment of acidity by nature therapy.
  • The patient should have fast once a week so that his digestion power may remain far from less pressure and work properly. The disease named acidity is cured by this treatment.
  • The patient of this disease should eat only fruit, salad and sprouted grains from one week to three weeks. The patient should not take salt and sugar at any rate. He should eat everything by chewing meal properly whenever he eats food.  
  • He should drink lemon juice, honey mixed water, coconut water, juice of fruits and vegetables.
  • Juice of carrot and cabbage is very useful for the patient of acidity. The disease named acidity is cured if he takes above medicine regularly.
  • The patient of acidity gets rid of this disease soon if he licks fresh juice of Indian gooseberry or powder of Indian gooseberry regularly.
  • Mix a little powder of turmeric in honey and lick to get relief in this disease. The patient should drink lukewarm water after licking above mixture.
  • A person gets rid of acidity if he chews five leaves of basil in the morning.
  • The patient should drink water of sky blue colored bottle that has been kept in sunlight. If he drinks water of this bottle, he gets lots of relief. Thus, this disease is cured completely.
  • The patient should do Vajra-Asana after having meal. The disease named acidity is cured.
  • The patient should adopt enema in the morning regularly. Thereafter, he should adopt Kunjal-Kirya and then should take bath. After that, he should rub his body by dry towel properly. In this way, the patient gets rid of many diseases along with acidity.
  • The patient should inhale deep breath in open air.
  • The patient should tie a bandage of wet soil on the stomach and he should take hip-bath (Kati-Snan). Thereafter, he should take cold and hot fomentation. The patient should take hot feet bath and he should wrap a wet bed sheet around the body once a week. The disease is cured soon if he gets treatment in this way as mentioned above. 
  • The patient should take hot and cold fomentation on the stomach to get quick relief.
  • If the patient of acidity ties a wet bandage on the stomach at night regularly, he gets rid of this disease soon.
  • The patient should go for evacuation of stool early in the morning regularly. Besides it, he should cleanse his teeth daily too.
  • The patient should keep water in a copper bowl at night before sleeping and he should drink this water in the morning after getting up. The disease is cured within a few days by this treatment.

Precautions for the patients of acidity:

  • The patient of acidity should not drink milk because milk calms the inflammation once but digestion power has to increase to digest milk. Digestion power of the patient of acidity becomes weak if he is the patient of this disease.
  • The disease is cured by the use of medicines but it changes into ulcer later on and become the cause of several other diseases as eye diseases, heart problems, etc. This disease should not be treated by the medicines but it should be treated by nature therapy.


          The disease named acidity is cured and does not occur again for long time. If the patient pays attention on his health, he does not become the patient of this disease again.