Chronic catarrh is called bronchitis too. The patient feels excessive inflammation in the trachea in this disease. Sometimes, the patient of this disease suffers from high fever too and the temperature of the body becomes 104 degree. This disease occurs because of the infection which occurs in the trachea that goes in the lungs. There are two kinds of bronchitis as chronic bronchitis and acute bronchitis. The patient suffers from many kinds of problems in this disease and such problems are as dry cough, hoarseness, difficulty in breathing, pain in the chest and armpit, thick phlegm and gargling sound in the throat.  

Acute bronchitis:

          The patient suffers from excessive cough in winter season and less cough in summer season due to this disease but when the disease becomes chronic, the victim suffers from same cough in both seasons.

Symptoms of acute bronchitis:

          In this disease, the patient pants along with constant cough and fever. The patient feels restlessness and less hunger.

Causes of acute bronchitis:

          When there is an infection in the trachea, surface of that place become swollen because of which trachea becomes thin. Thereafter, cough starts to increase after being gathered mucus in the throat.

Chronic bronchitis:

          Chronic bronchitis keeps on appearing repeatedly and this disease destroys the lungs of the patient. The patient feels excessive pain in acute bronchitis. Thick wall of the trachea becomes thick due to infection which checks wind. There is doubt of flue too in this condition.

Symptoms of chronic bronchitis:

          In this disease, the patient suffers from acute cough with phlegm. It appears normal in the beginning but when the patient suffers from fast breathing, it becomes serious because of which there is a doubt of the disease named emphysema. The color of the patient’s face becomes blue due to the lack of oxygen.  

Causes of chronic bronchitis:

          Smoking is the main cause of bronchitis. Other persons who live near about the smokers become the patient of this disease. 

Treatment of acute and chronic bronchitis by nature therapy:

  • When a person becomes the patient of bronchitis, he should keep fast for one or two days. He should drink only fruits’ juice during fast. Besides it, he should take enema twice a day and he should keep a hot wet bandage on the chest.
  • Take 25 ml water of blue bottle which has been kept in sunlight 6 times in a day. The victim should wrap a wet bandage drenched in the water of blue colored bottle around the throat. Its use provides relief in the acute bronchitis.  
  • Sometimes, this disease does not disappear soon but the patient of this disease should take sour and salty foodstuffs on a large scale to get rid of this disease. He should do adequate exercise according to physical strength. The disease named bronchitis disappears within some days completely.
  • For the treatment of chronic bronchitis, the patient should take juice of fruits for three days. He should adopt enema to cleanse the stomach. Thereafter, he should take simple food. A patient gets rid of this disease if he adopts the treatment regularly as mentioned above.
  • There are several kinds of corrosive foodstuffs (saline, blackish, pungent, and peppery). The disease named bronchitis disappears by the use of these things.  Corrosive foodstuff contains saline, blackish, pungent and peppery thins as potato, green vegetables, dry fruits, breads made from the flour with siftings, sour whey, salad, etc can be taken in this disease.
  • Lukewarm water should be given to the patient of chronic bronchitis to drink and a wet towel drenched in cold water should keep on the head of the patient. Besides it, the feet of the patient should be washed with lukewarm water. Thereafter, make the patient stomach bath and a wet bed sheet should be wrapped around the patient’s body. After that, the patient should take complete rest by covering himself with a blanket. A patient should follow this formula for at least twice a day.
  • If the disease stage is serious, steam bath should be given to the patient. Thereafter, a cloth should be kept on both the shoulders of the patient.
  • If the patient has been suffering from dry cough, he should drink lukewarm water many times a day. He should inhale the steam of water through nose and mouth. The disease named bronchitis disappears if the treatment is done as mentioned above.
  • The patient should drink lemon juice mixed water on a large scale and he should walk on an open environment. He should take Epsom bath (bathing with salt mixed water) once in a week. Thus, the disease named chronic bronchitis is cured.
  • The patient of this disease should massage his backbone and he should foment his back bone too. The patient gets lots of relief and he gets rid of this disease soon by doing so.
  • The patient gets lots of relief if he keeps a wet bandage drenched in hot water on the chest.
  • The patient of this disease should adopt Pranayam in the morning. Its adoption provides strength to the upper portion of respiratory system and all the organs remain healthy. Thus, the disease disappears soon.

Some precautions for the patients of this disease:

  • The patient of this disease should not smoke because the stage of disease becomes very serious due to smoking.
  • The patient should not eat sticky foodstuff because such kinds of thing produces phlegm.