Plague is an epidemic disease. This disease is known by many names too as Taoon and Goti Wala Jwar. It is contagious disease. A germ named besilus pestis is the cause of the origin of plague. Bacteria of this disease spread on humid areas and on a place where there are decayed and rotten things. Bacteria of this disease remain present in the spoiled things. Substances in which steam appear are the cause of the origin of these bacteria. First, the bacteria of this disease attack on the mice and people become the victim of these bacteria through mice. People, who have polluted substance in the body, become the patient of this disease earlier than the other. People with weak prophylactic power become the victim of this disease soon. Bacteria of this disease do not affect those people who have no polluted liquid in the body.

There are four kinds of plague

  • Bubonic plague
  • Pneumonic
  • Septicimic
  • Intestinal  

Bubonic plague:

        When any person suffers form plague, swellings like tumour occur in his muscles of thighs, neck and other body organs in which pain also is present and these tomours burst one by one. Sometimes, many glands become inflammed and cause pain. If glands burst within 4-5 days and fever subsides, it should be considered a good thing otherwise this disease can prove excessive dangerous. Sometimes, these glands burst within 7-10 days. This kind of plague is common.

Pneumonic plague:

       In this disease, first, bacteria of plague attack on the lungs and the victim suffers from many diseases as cough, difficulty in breathing, headache with chill, violent pain in the nerve, pain in the liver, delirium, pain in the back and bleeding from the lungs, etc. Pneumonic plague is fatal more than the inflammatory glands’ plague. Pneumonic plague proves troublesome for the patient.

Septicimic Plague:

        Many organs of the body start to decay when a person becomes the patient of septicimic plague. Blood of the patient becomes poisonous. Physical activities of the body stop. The patient suffers very much in this disease. The patient does not survive more than 2-3 days when septicimic plague takes a person in its grip.   

Intestinal disease:

        Intestines of a person get affected in this plague. Due to this disease, the stomach starts to puff in this disease. The patient suffers from stomachache and pain in the waist. He suffers from loose motions too. The patient feels unhealthiness and he suffers from laziness and weakness in the body when this disease is about to take a person in its grip. The patient remains in this stage from one hour to seven days. Thereafter, the disease becomes fatal more than before. The patient suffers from the sensation of chillness, high fever, headache and stiffness in the hands and feet when this disease reaches into serious stage.

        The patient suffers from ache in the body and excessive weakness in the body.  Complexion of the cheeks becomes pale and eyes sinks into the deepness. High pulsation of the nerve, fast breathing, low voice, senselessness, delirium, lack of urine or no urine, bleeding from the mouth and genital, insomnia, red tongue with swelling are the other symptoms of this disease.

Treatment of all kinds of plagues in naturopathy:

  • If mice die in the home, they should be thrown away far from homes. People should remember this thing necessarily. Cleanliness is very essential to avoid this disease.
  • The patient should take simple and easily digestive food. He should not become the patient of constipation.
  • Keep on cleansing stomach by using enema on time to time.
  • The patient should not eat sweets, polluted milk, decayed foodstuff, packaged foodstuffs, etc.
  • If polluted liquid has been accumulated in the body, it should be expelled out soon from the body by using several formulae. Adopt naturopathy to expel out the polluted liquid from the body. A person, who has no polluted substance in the body, never becomes the victim of plague whether lots of bacteria may enter into the body. 
  • If many people have become the victim of plague near a home, all the healthy people should keep have a piece of camphor all the time. They should eat onion with meal regularly.
  • Mix juice of lemon in one glass water and drink in the morning. A person does not become the victim of plague by doing so.
  • Hands and feet should be washed properly after evacuation of stool. He should walk in open area to take fresh air.
  • The patient should take sunbath to foment the body for at least 20 minutes regularly.
  • The patient should do such exercises in which deep breaths are inhaled.

Treatment of plague in naturopathy:

  • A person should cleanse his stomach by using enema if he has some symptoms of plague whether swelling or fever is present or not. Thereafter, he should take steam bath for at least half hour.
  • The patient should take steam into the mouth soon and he should take steam bath at five-hourly intervals. First, bath should be taken after steam bath and second bath should be taken after three or four hours. If sufficient sweat comes out from the body after first day steam bath, the patient should take steam bath on second day carefully. If sweat does not come out from the body after first day bath, mud pack should be applied on the abdomen. If gland swells with inflammation, he should quit steam on the affected gland for 15 minutes at the intervals of two hours. Besides it, a wet bandage, cold bandage drenched in cold water or ice water or bandage drenched in lukewarm water should be tied on the affected portion.
  • The patient should drink 25 ml water of sky blue colored bottle that has been kept in sunlight at the regular intervals of five minutes.
  • The patient should keep fast until the patient gets rid of plague completely. If the disease has become serious, a cold bandage should be tied on the body for one hour. Thereafter, he should take sponge bath. The patient gets lots of relief by doing so.
  • If the patient has been suffering from pneumonia plague, mudpack should be applied on the chest twice or thrice a day. Apply mudpack on the head if the patient has been suffering from headache. Bandage of cloth drenched in cold water can be tied on the head too. Keep on changing these mudpacks or bandages at the intervals of short period.
  • Thus, a patient of plague gets rid of this disease within some days if treatment is done according to naturopathy.