Kidney disease


Some important diseases:


Blood of our body is purified by three ways-

  • By respiration with the help of lungs
  • By perspiration with the help of skin
  • By urination with the help of kidneys

        The kidney of our body works like a sieve. The kidney purifies blood by expelling out urea, acid and other harmful minerals from the blood. Kidney appears like bean (lobiya) in shape and its color is like brinjal.  

Work of kidneys:

        A healthy person passes one liter urine in a day. Quantity of urine reduces in summer season due to perspiration. Color of the urine is like wheat. The color of the urine changes when a person suffers from any disease. Color of the urine becomes dark yellow and red when he suffers from fever. There is neither protein nor sugar in urine if a person is healthy. Sugar starts to come with urine of a person when he becomes the patient of sugar.   

        Kidneys of the body two in number are very important organs of the body. Blood is purified by the kidneys and they expel out polluted substance from the body.

There are several kinds of kidneys’ diseases.


        In this disease, there is inflammation (swelling) in the kidneys because of which movement of urea, serum keratin and blood circulation increase.


        Working power of kidneys reduces in this disease because of which inflammation (swelling) comes in the body. Quantity of albumin enhances in urine.


        Inflammation comes near about the kidneys in this disease.

Disturbed kidneys:

        Working capacity of the kidneys is destroyed in this disease by which blood pressure becomes high. Level of blood urea, serum keratin, sodium and potassium enhances dangerously. 

Symptoms of kidney diseases:

  • Swelling comes near about the face, feet and eyes when this disease takes a person in its grip.
  • The patient keeps on suffering from fever with cold in kidney diseases.
  • The patient suffers from backache in the lower area in this disease and he suffers from pain while urination. 
  • The patient of this disease suffers from restlessness and exhaustion. Level of urea in urine enhances and color of the urine becomes dark. Besides it, albumin gathers in the urine of the patient.

Causes of kidney diseases:

  • A person becomes the patient of kidney disease when heterogeneous substances increase in the body.
  • A person can become the patient of kidney diseases because of wrong eating habits.
  • A person becomes the victim of kidney diseases if he eats spices, salt, sugar, wine and other excited things.
  • Constipation can be the cause of kidney diseases too.
  • Kidney disease takes a person in their grip if skin of the person works abnormally.
  • Kidney diseases occur if any chronic disease of a person as leprosy is suppressed by the use of medicines. Excessive use of medicines gives birth to kidney diseases.
  • If there is a lack of vitamins and minerals in the meal taken by the person, kidney diseases occur. 
  • Level of urea in the blood of the body enhances if a person takes such foodstuff rich in protein as meat, rice, pulses without peels, fish or excessive heavy food. In this stage, excessive work has to be done by the kidneys of a person. Thus, he becomes the victim of kidney diseases.   
  • If skin and lungs, two means of purifying blood, affect from any disease and they do not do their work properly because of which burden of work enhances on the kidneys, diseases related to kidneys occur.
  • Several kinds of kidney diseases occur if a person uses wine.
  • A person feels less thirst if he takes excessive tea. In this stage, the person drinks a little water and passes a little urine. The result of it is that the person becomes the patient of urine diseases. 

Treatment of kidney diseases according to naturopathy:

  • First, the victim of kidney disease should keep fast for some days for the treatment of kidney disease so that polluted substance may come from the body.
  • The patient of this disease should drink the juice such things as carrot, cucumber (kheera), cabbage and pumpkin along with fast for the treatment of this disease.
  • Juice of water melon and potato is very beneficial for the treatment of kidney diseases. Hence, the patient of this disease should drink juice of potato and water melon. 
  • The patient of kidney diseases should take such foodstuffs rich in vitamin C as indian gooseberry and lemon. The patient should take fruits on a large scale so that kidney may become strong.
  • Protein should be taken in low quantity by the patient of this disease.
  • Immerse some raisins in water at night before sleeping by the patient of kidney diseases. Drink this water in the morning by expelling out raisins. Kidney diseases disappear soon by doing so for some days.    
  • Salt should not be taken by the patient until the patient gets rid of kidney diseases.
  • The patient of kidney diseases should apply mud pack on his back and thereafter he should take rubbing bath. After that he should take enema with hot water. Thereafter, the patient should take hip-bath (Katisnan), foot bath (keeping feet in hot water for some days). Then, the patient should wrap a wet bed sheet all over the body and he should take hot and cold applications on the lower portion of the back. The patient should take too much rest n this situation. The patient becomes healthy by doing so within some days.   
  • Kidney diseases are cured soon by adopting meditation and Nadi Shodhan for some days regularly. 
  • The patient should drink water of green colored bottle that has been kept in sunlight along with the adoption of meditation and Nadi-Shodhan.
  • The patient of this disease should not take any intoxicating thins because their use can be dangerous for the health of the patient. The disease of the patient disappears soon within some days by doing the treatment according to naturopathy.
  • The patient should drink at least 2.5 liter water in a day to avoid kidney diseases. 
  • Squeeze lemon juice in water and drink. Kidneys become clear by doing so and a person does not suffer from any kidney diseases.
  • The patient should do physical work to perspire sweat from the body.
  • If the patient of this disease does not pass urine properly, he should mix 250 ml milk in 600 ml water. Mix 2 grams alum in the preparation too. Drink this milk 3-4 times in a day. The patient passes urine properly and he gets rid of kidney diseases. 
  • Grind green coriander and mix in water. The patient passes urine freely and kidney diseases start to be cured.
  • The patient should keep one liter water in a bronze pot at night before sleeping. He should drink this water in the morning after getting up. Kidney diseases are cured within some days by do so regularly.