Swelling comes near about the holes of nasal bones when a person becomes the victim of sinusitis because of which the patient suffers very much.

Symptoms of sinusitis:

         Voice of the patient becomes heavy in this disease and capacity of tongue to identify the taste reduces. Smelling power also reduces in this disease. The patient feels heaviness and a little contraction in the back portion of the nose. The patient suffers from headache which becomes unbearable for him. He keeps on suffering from cold and catarrh too. Sometimes, the patient suffers from fever

Causes of the disease named sinusitis:

         Polluted liquid gathers in the holes of nasal bones structure along with swelling near about the bones of nose. This is the main cause of the disease named sinusitis. The patient suffers very much when this disease becomes chronic slowly. In this disease, not only nasal area needs to cleanse but also whole body and blood has to purify whole body. Thus, a patient of sinusitis gets rid of this disease by doing this as mentioned above.  

Treatment of sinusitis in naturopathy:

  • First, the patient should keep fast for two days for the treatment of this disease. Enema should be used by the patient to break the constipation. Thereafter, boiled vegetables, honey, dry fruits and seasonal fruits should be taken for at least 14 days regularly.
  • The patient should take deep breath regularly and exercise of neck should be done.
  • Mud pack should be applied on the abdomen for at least one hour regularly.
  • The patient should take colic bath (Udar Snana) for at least 10 minutes in the morning. He should take steam on his face for 15 minutes. Thereafter, mouth should be cleaned with twisted wet towel.
  • The patient should keep his feet in hot water for at least 15 minutes. Thereafter, keep a cold towel on his head. After that, he should keep his feet in cold water for one minute. 
  • The patient should take enema for at least 3 days regularly to cleanse the stomach. Apply mud pack on the stomach twice a day. The patient of this disease gets rid of this disease soon by doing so regularly.
  • Disease affected portion should be massaged regularly for the treatment of sinusitis. Accumulated phlegm starts to expel out by doing so and the patient gets rid of this disease soon.
  • Fill hot water in a tub and keep feet in the tub for sometime. Thereafter, arms should be washed with lukewarm water. The patient gets lots of relief by doing so. 
  • Take steam by mixing camphor or eucalyptus leaves in hot water. Accumulated substance starts to expel out and the patient gets rid of this disease. 
  • The patient should clean his head very well regularly. Hot and cold fomentation on the nose and brain should be taken by turns for at least 20 minutes twice in a day.