Prickly heat



        Prickly heat is a kind of skin disease. This disease appears on the skin in summer season.

Cause of prickly heat:

       This disease occurs because of the lack of cleanliness of the body. Constipation may be the cause of this disease too.

Symptoms of prickly heat:

        Small pimples appear on the body when he becomes the victim of this disease. Sometimes, a kind of polluted substance excretes from them. The patient suffers from excessive itch due to this reason.

Treatment of prickly heat by naturopathy:

  • Generally, a person gets rid of this disease itself within some days. If the patient has been suffering from this disease very much, the treatment should be started according to naturopathy.
  • Hot mud pack should be applied on the abdomen at night for the treatment of prickly heat.
  • The victim should take enema in the morning regularly if he has been suffering from constipation to cleanse the stomach. Thereafter, mud pack should be applied all over the body twice a day. Take bath when mud pack of the body becomes dry.  
  • Spicy food should not be taken by the victim of this disease. The patient should take always normal food.
  • Prickly heat disappears soon if the victim takes bath in rain.
  • Fill water in a tub and boil with neem leaves. Take bath with this lukewarm water twice a day. Prickly heat disappears soon by doing so.
  • Chewing neem leaves in the morning provides a lot of relief to the patient of this disease.