When fat increases in the body of a person, it is called obesity. People become the victim of several diseases because of obesity as diabetes, high or low blood pressure, heat diseases, skin problems, insomnia, gout, asthma, sterility, impotence, etc. increment of weight and obesity is not similar by any way. The word ‘obesity’ is used when fat increases in the body. Weight of the victim of this disease becomes 20 percent more than the height of the victim. This kind of person is called the victim of this disease. 

        Fat of the patient of obesity increases by which the body expands due to heavy weight and the affected person becomes fat. 

        Obesity is that stage of the patient in which fat increases on large scale in the body. The heart, lungs and inner organs of the body of a person not only get affected with obesity but also the person becomes the victim of several diseases as diabetes, high blood pressure, inflammation in the joints, etc. The patient feels great difficulty while doing several works because of this disease. He feels difficulty while walking, running, sitting, standing, etc.

Cause of obesity:

  • Excessive use of meal is the main cause of this disease. Quantity of calorie increases very much in the body. Necessities relating to energy are less than the normal necessities because of which the digestive system of fat people becomes low.  
  • Excessive use of fatty things in meal is the major cause of the origin of obesity.
  • A disturbance in any gland may be the cause of obesity. When any gland does not work properly, a person keeps on becoming fat whether he eats excessive meal or less meal. Fat starts to increase in the body and a person becomes the patient of this disease.
  • Fat increases in the body if thyroid gland of the body does not work properly and the affected person becomes the victim of obesity.
  • If the meal is not eaten by chewing properly, calorie is produced in the body on a large scale by which the weight of the body increases. Thus, a person becomes fat.
  • If sex glands in women are active, fat increases in the body. Thus, they become fat.  
  • Excessive sleeping may be the cause of obesity.
  • Sitting for long time or doing no physical work may be the causes of the origin of obesity.
  • Excessive use of salt, sweet, spiced foodstuff or fine flour may be the cause of obesity.
  • Excessive use of wine, tea, coffee, betel leaf, tobacco may be the cause of obesity.

Treatment of obesity in naturopathy:

  • First, the victim of obesity should have control on his habits of eating. Thereafter, the treatment should be started according to naturopathy.
  • A person may get rid of obesity by doing physical exercise regularly.
  • Meal should not be taken more than the appetite. Besides it, sugar and fatty food should not be taken by the patient.
  • Salt should be used in a little quantity in meal. If the victim wants to eat salt, give rock salt to him.
  • Juice of green vegetables and other vegetables should be included in meal on a large scale. Foodstuffs made from wheat or rice should be eaten. A fat person should keep on reducing the quantity of meal continuously. Production of fat stops by doing so.
  • Generally, it is said that a person should take as much food as he requires. Mix honey or lemon in lukewarm water and drink in the morning in lukewarm condition. The person victim of obesity gets lots of relief within some days.
  • Extra fat reduces if lukewarm water is drunk by keeping in bronze-silver-gold bowl.
  • Mix the juice of basil leaves in one glass water and give to the victim of obesity to drink. Apply mud pack on the stomach and thereafter cold and hot application should be applied on the stomach too. The patient should cleanse his stomach too by adopting enema.  
  • The patient should take steam bath by doing Kunjal Kirya. A wet covering should be wrapped on the body once a week. He should do Sankha-Prakshalan and Surya-Snana. Washing feet with hot water and dry rubbing bath are beneficial. The disease named obesity disappears within some days by doing so.
  • Obesity reduces by drinking water of orange colored bottle that has been kept in sunlight and by walking with deep breathing. Laughing for two minutes proves beneficial to get rid of obesity.
  • There are different kinds of Asanas to get rid of obesity. Obesity disappears by doing these Asanas. Such Asanas are as Bhujanga-Asana, Salabha-Asana, Vajra-Asana, Paschimothana-Asana, Pawan-Mukta-Asana, Uddian-Bandh, Mulbandh, Suraya-Namaskara, etc.
  • Fill water in a bowl (Lota) of bronze at night before sleeping. Drink this water in the morning to get lots of relief.