Intestinal worms



          Mostly children become the victim of intestinal worms because they are not able to pay enough attention on the cleanliness of the stomach. They come into the contact of soil or other dirty things. Sometimes, many children keep their fingers stuck with soil into mouth while playing which becomes the cause of infection in the stomach because parasite worms leave their eggs in the soil. Sometimes, worms enter into the stomach while playing with the pet animals. There is a danger of several other diseases to the children due to the infection of the worms. Different kinds of worms take birth in the stomach in which there is a parasitic worm too. 

Different kinds of intestinal worms:


          Such kinds of worms are 5-10 meter long. These worms affect the brain very much and produce different kinds of diseases related to the brain. These worms enter into the body if a person eats half boiled meat or food that has been eaten by a dog.


         These worms are the germs of bacteria. These worms cannot be seen by the eyes. These worms weaken the legs when these worms enter into the body.


          These warms appears as threads in white color. They are half inch to one inch broad. Sometimes, a person suffers from loose motions and constipation due to threadworms.


           These worms appear like earthworm with soil color. The patient suffers from nausea, vomiting, loosing weight, fever, irritation and other problems.


          The length of these worms is 5-10 meter and they affect the brain very much. These worms enter into the body due to having meat without proper cooking. Besides it, a person becomes the victim of this disease if he eats meal that has been eaten by a dog.

Causes of the disease related to worms:

  • When these worms emit egg after reaching into the intestines and are developed there, stomach and intestines become disturbed. Sometimes, these worms reach into the digestion path and come out with vomiting.
  • A person suffers from fever, stomachache, diarrhoea and other such diseases due to these worms. A child keeps on grinding teeth if there are worms in the child’s stomach. These worms keep on sucking blood by sticking with the veins of intestines’ walls and remain depend on this blood.
  • Sometimes, the eggs of these worms come out with stool. Worms come out after breaking the eggs. When a person come into the contact of soil with bare feet or nude hand, these worms stick with hands and feet. In this way, the person becomes the victim of intestinal worms. Sometimes, these small worms enter into the lungs through blood pipes after entering into the skin. Sometimes, these worms come out to the throat and reach into the stomach again and become the cause of the origin of many other diseases.
  • Some worms are very small and they enter into the skin. These worms create itching and inflammation in the skin and make wound and mark there. When worms start to increase into the intestines, internal system of body organs’ activities gets affected. Consequently, the patient suffers from such kinds of problems as headache, anorexia, diarrhoea, restlessness, laziness, panting and weight of the person reduces. 
  • If a person does not keep the skin around the anus clean and dry, the infection of these worms spreads fast.

Symptoms of the presence of worms into the body:

         If there are worms in the stomach of a person, he suffers from several kinds of diseases as fade color of the face, anorexia, loose motions, itching into the nose, teeth grinding while sleeping at night, itching around the mouth of anus, irritation, insomnia, stinking breath, dark circles under the eyes, constant desire for eating, dreaming bad dreams, nausea, vomiting, lose of weight, fever, weakness in the feet, indigestion and stomach ache.

Treatment of the disease related to worms by nature therapy:

  • First, the patient should remove all the causes which are responsible for the origin of worms before the treatment.
  • Only lemon juice mixed water should be given to the patient of intestinal worms to drink for three days regularly. Thereafter, he should keep fast.
  • Having taken the juice of some fruits only the patient should keep fast for some days. Thereafter, the patient should take fruit, salad, etc. after that he should take normal food. 
  • Milk should not be given to children. The juice of fruits can be given to children in place of milk because worms are produced in the stomach on a large scale by the use of milk.
  • Green vegetables and ripe fruits (that can be chewed well easily) should be given to children. Besides these things, curd and whey can be given to drink.
  • If there are tapeworms in the stomach of a person, he should keep fast for long time. In addition to, cold and hot fomentation should be applied on the stomach. Mix honey or lemon juice in water and the patient should take enema with this water. Enema can be taken with neem boiled water. He should keep on applying the layer of soil on the body regularly. Thereafter, the patient should take hip-bath (Kati-Snan). Tapeworms existed in the stomach come out from the stomach after dying by the use of this treatment.     
  • The patient should do Sankh Prakshalan Kirya (an exercise in which stomach is moved in a round circle) to kill the tapeworms along with the natural treatment. Stomach worms come out from the body if it is done for some days regularly.
  • The victim should adopt different kinds of Yoga Kiryas regularly as Nauli, Uddian Bandh, Naukasna and Mayur-Asana.
  • Mix 2 part curd and one part honey properly and lick this preparation in the morning and evening. It helps to kill stomach worms. In this way, worms come out with stool after dying. 
  • Three spoons juice of pomegranate should be given to children in the morning to kill stomach worms.
  • One spoon juice of mint should be drunk by the patient in the morning and evening to kill stomach worms.
  • Grind the leaves of neem and prepare syrup with this preparation. Stomach worms are killed if this preparation is drunk for some days regularly.
  • Grind leaves of spinach with caraway and dissolve into water. Give this preparation to the patient to drink. Stomach worms come out through the rectum after dying by the use of this treatment.
  • Heat one spoon juice of onion and give to small children to drink in the morning and evening. Its use provides lots of relief.
  • The patient should drink the juice of fresh Indian gooseberry for some days regularly. Stomach worms are killed soon by the use of above mentioned.
  • One spoon juice of beel fruit should be given to the patient to drink in the morning and evening.
  • Immerse seeds of gourd in water and grind after peeling them. Drinking this preparation proves very beneficial.
  • Mix one spoon juice of green papaya and one spoon honey in 3-4 spoons lukewarm water. Stomach worms come out after dying if drink above preparation.
  • The patient should take hip-bath (Kati-Snan) with cold and hot water one by one. He gets lots of relief. Stomach worms come out after dying with stool within some days by the use of this treatment.
  • If the patient adopts enema with lukewarm water regularly, stomach worms come out with stool after dying.
  • The patient should keep a hot bandage on the stomach while sleeping but this bandage should be removed in the morning. The patient gets lots of relief and all stomach worms are killed.
  • Immerse one spoon fine powder of caraway in two glasses of water at night. Boil this water in the morning and drink after cooling. This water should be drunk at night too. Stomach worms are killed and come out with stool by the use of this treatment.
  • Eat 4-5 flakes of garlic with honey for two weeks regularly to kill and expel out stomach worms. The patient gets lots of relief.
  • Grind dry seeds of lemon and make the powder and then take one pinch of this powder with lukewarm water twice a day for some days. Stomach worms come out with stool after dying by the use of this treatment.
  • Chew 2-3 wall nuts followed by one glass of milk without sweet. Do so at least 15-20 days regularly. Stomach worms come out with stool through rectum after dying by the use of this treatment.
  • Mix asafetida in meal for some days regularly. Stomach worms are killed by eating this meal soon.


  • A person should follow all the rules of cleanliness and health strictly.
  • Do not allow children to play on dirty places.
  • Hands should be washed properly before having meal.
  • Things should be kept by covering properly.
  • Nails should cut on a regular interval of time because big nails gather dirt and this dirt reach into the stomach by these nails.
  • All the people should include pineapple, papaya, carrot, tomato, apple and several kinds of green vegetables in their diet.