Multiple Sclerosis



        Multiple sclerosis is the disease of nerves and this disease remains for long time. A substance named myelin which keeps on covering the veins is destroyed by which the circulation system of nerves gets affected and becomes low or stops completely. Mostly, women become the victim of this disease.

Symptoms of multiple sclerosis:

        In this disease, different kinds of symptoms appear in different people. First, violent symptoms appear in the beginning and they disappear after some months or some years. Symptoms of this disease reappear again and it may be that it never appears throughout the life. The patient suffers from exhaustion and his mental balance becomes disturbed in the preliminary stage of this disease. Hands and feet become weak and numb in this disease. Several eyes problems can appear due to this disease and the patient feels difficulty while speaking. The patient has no control on the urine and urine passes involuntarily.  

Causes of multiple sclerosis:

  • Imbalanced diet is the main cause of this disease. Polluted liquid starts to be accumulated in the body due to dietetic errors because of which the patient becomes the victim of this disease.
  • Excessive mental depression may be the cause of this disease.

Treatment of multiple sclerosis according to naturopathy:

  • The patient should keep fast for at least five days and he should drink the juice of fruits and vegetables during fast. Stomach should be cleansed by adopting enema with hot water. The blood of the body becomes purified and polluted liquid come out. Thus, the patient gets well by adopting the treatment as mentioned above.
  • The patient of this disease should take seasonal fruits and vegetables because these things are very beneficial. Such kinds of fruits are as sugar beet, carrot, cucumber (kheera), cabbage, radish, tomato etc.
  • The patient should take such foodstuff which contains vitamin ‘B’ and vitamin ‘E’ in rich amount. He should take sprouted grains. If the patient is feeling exhaustion, he should take complete relief to get rid of exhaustion. This disease is cured within some days by doing the treatment as mentioned above.