Female diseases Treatment :


        Women face this problem between the age of 45 and 50. Menstrual cycle of women stops in this age. It is called menopause. If menstrual excretion does not occur till six months, it should be considered that she has reached in the stage of menopause. If menstrual excretion starts after six months, it is called bleeding of the vagina after menopause. Some changes appear at the time of menopause and women become terrified and puzzled by seeing these symptoms.

        Some women feel that menopause is the informer of old age and end of the beauty but all these kinds of doubts are wrong.  

There are three kinds of menopause:

  • First menopause is a disease in which the woman is healthy but menstrual cycle stops suddenly because of any problem and the woman remains unaware about it.
  • In second type of menopause, menstrual excretion stops by reducing slowly.
  • Third type of menopause is that in which menstrual cycle becomes irregular and period of two cycles of menstrual excretion increases.

Symptoms of menopause in women:

  • When cycle of menstrual excretion stops, the woman feels excessive heat and sweat starts to perspire from the body.
  • The woman does not sleep properly and she becomes the victim of depression too.
  • Rate of heart pulsation becomes high and the woman suffers from such kinds of symptoms too as sensation of crawling ants on the hands and feet and pricking pain.
  • The woman suffers from headache, origin of strange kinds of sound in the ear, pain in the joint, backache and irritation.
  • Endocrine glands of the women become affected in the stage of menopause because of which their voice becomes heavy.
  • Beard and moustache start to grow on the face of women after menopause and they start to suffer from obesity.
  • The victim woman suffers from hair fall and tiredness too. Skin becomes dry in this disease.
  • Brain of the woman who has faced the menopause becomes weak. She cannot concentrate on one thing too.

Treatment of women after menopause in naturopathy:

  • After facing menopause, the woman should pay attention on her diet. Health of a woman becomes well after menopause if she pay attention on her diet. She remains beautiful and healthy after menopause too. Sometimes, many women become more beautiful and attractive after menopause by paying attention on their diet.  
  • Mental, physical and emotional condition of women is very sensitive after menopause. Therefore, family members mostly husband should show sympathy towards the woman. The woman should be helped by the family members and husband in this situation.
  • Uterus related diseases can take a woman in their grip if woman is not looked after at the time of menopause. A woman can become the victim of mental diseases too after menopause.  
  • Symptoms appeared after menopause describe that there are different kinds of polluted liquids in the body of woman. Hence, treatment should be started according to naturopathy.
  • The woman should take such foodstuffs rich in vitamin ‘C’, ‘D’, ‘E’ and calcium and such foodstuffs are as fruits, sprouted grains, vegetables, kernels and dry fruits. Besides it, the juice of fruits should be drunk on large scale. Drinking juice of sweet beet proves very beneficial but it should be drunk in a little quantity.
  • Mix sesame seeds in milk and give to the woman to drink regularly. The woman gets lots of relief by doing so.
  • The woman should not take polluted meal, fine flour, spices, sugar and sugar made products.
  • Mix one spoon seeds of carrot in one glass milk of cow and boil. All the symptoms related to the stage of menopause disappear after menopause.
  • If the woman has been suffering from constipation, she should apply mudpack on her stomach. Thereafter, stomach should be cleansed by using enema
  • The woman should go for walk in the morning and she should do several kinds of exercises as swimming, cycling, riding, etc.
  • There are several kinds of yoga asana and Yogik-Kirya. All the problems related to menopause disappear by doing these exercises. Such yoga asana and Yogik-Kiryas are as Pranayam, Yogmudra-Asana, Meditation and Yognidra


        A woman crosses the stage of menopause after the treatment according to naturopathy. If a woman has been faced this disease before time, she gets rid of this disease by this treatment.