It is a highly contagious disease of children.  This disease takes other healthy children in its grip because of its infectious nature. Do not allow to the healthy children near about the disease affected child otherwise children may be the victim of this disease. Mostly, this disease spreads in small children. Prophylactic power of the child reduces very much after the origin of disease named measles.

Symptoms of measles:

        The patient suffers from sneezing, watery nose and red eyes. He suffers from violent cough and fever in the beginning of this disease. Eruptions start to appear on the face and chest on the third day and these eruptions remain for 4-5 days. As these eruptions start to disappear as fever and cough start to reduce. Sometimes, the patient suffers from pneumonia too.  

Cause of measles:

  • Unhealthy atmosphere and wrong eating habits become the causes of measles.
  • Wearing dirty clothes, sleeping on dirty bed and living in a closed room may be the causes of this disease.
  • A person can become the patient of this disease if he uses the things used by the patient of measles.


        A healthy person becomes the victim of measles if he neglects above mentioned precautions.

Treatment of this disease by naturopathy:

  • He should take juice on large scale for the treatment of this disease. Juice of such things as orange, lemon and different juicy fruits can be taken.  
  • The patient should take simple meal during the disease.
  • He should not eat spicy things, fried things, polluted meal, sweets and salt.
  • First, the patient should cleanse his stomach by adopting enema. After that, he should apply mud pack on his stomach and chest. Then he should take bath by neem leaves mixed lukewarm water. The disease named measles is cured within sometime by doing so.
  • Mix honey with liquorice powder and take. Its use cures the disease.
  • Grind cloves and take by mixing honey. Measles is cured by its use.
  • The patient gets lots of relief by taking one pinch turmeric powder mixing with honey.
  • The patient of this disease should keep gate, the window of his room. There should be light beam in the room too.
  • Bottle filled with hot water should be kept under the soles of the feet. He should take sufficient rest. He should take rest for one day after fever too. Thus, the patient of this disease gets well completely after some days.