Origin of glaucoma is a common disease in old age. It is kind of eye disease. In this disease, when a person looks towards light, he observes a kind of colored circle. If the disease is not treated on right time, the victim can be blind completely. The patient observes nothing in this disease. Eyes become hard after appearing the pressure in the eyeballs.

Cause of glaucoma:

        Generally, this disease occurs as a person becomes old. As a person grows as the age of his eyes grows by which the lens of his eyes becomes transparent but it happens on different periods in different people. Pressure in the eyeballs increases when polluted fluid gathers into the eyes and the person becomes the victim of glaucoma. There are many causes of glaucoma too. Such causes are as infection of the eyes, any kind of injury in the eyes, any kind of skin disease, excessive itching in the eyes, fierce jolts of electricity, etc. A person can become the victim of this disease by birth too if the parents of the child is the victim of this disease. Use of some medicines can be the cause of this disease. Allergy from some things can be the cause of this disease. 

Treatment of glaucoma according to naturopathy:

  • First, the treatment of watery eyes should be done according to naturopathy for the treatment of glaucoma. He should take such foodstuff contains rich amount of vitamin ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’. Such kinds of things are as Indian gooseberry, orange, lemon, pineapple, carrot, spinach, etc.
  • During the treatment of glaucoma, first, the patient should take enema and thereafter apply mud pack on the stomach. After sometime, take hip-bath (Kati-Snan) and then keep a wet bandage on the eyes. Cold and hot application should be applied on the eyes of the patient to cure the disease.
  • The patient should chew 5-6 neem leaves regularly. He gets lots of relief by the treatment of it.
  • The patient should take fruits and simple food for one week when he gets lots of relief.
  • The patient does not take heavy meal and spice, salt, tea and coffee in this disease.


        The patient should take the treatment according to naturopathy for some days regularly. Thus, he gets rid of this disease soon.