The normal body temperature for an adult is 98.4 degrees Fahrenheit or 36.4 degrees Celsius. When this temperature becomes high to this normal temperature, it is called fever. This thing clarifies that the body cleanses its working system by burning all the heterogeneous liquids and provides activeness. Many people fear soon in this condition and uses antibiotic medicines for the treatment of it because of which prophylactic power of the body reduces. In this situation, several other diseases get chance to take place in the body.  

          Fever indicates one thing too that there is at least one disturbance in the body.

There are several kinds of fevers which have been presented below.

  • Influenza
  • Pneumonia
  • Typhoid
  • Malaria

Symptoms of fever:

  • The temperature of the patient’s body is hotter than the normal temperature.
  • Sometimes, fever becomes very high because of which body becomes hot.
  • The patient feels pain all over the body along with fever.
  • The taste of the patient’s mouth becomes worse due to fever.
  • The patient feels restlessness and exhaustion due to fever.
  • The patient becomes weak due to fever.
  • The patient feels cold and there is pain in the head and other muscles.
  • Sometimes, there is swelling in the nose and throat due to fever.
  • Water starts to flow out from the eyes and nose of the patient in fever.
  • Sometimes, a patient suffers from fever for 2-3 days and sometimes for 4-5 days.
  • The patient feels difficulty in breathing and pain in the chest in pneumonia.
  • The temperature of the body remains low in the morning in typhoid fever but the temperature becomes high in the evening. The patient suffers from fever for many days. 
  • The patient of typhoid fever feels less hunger and he suffers from many symptoms as red tongue and ache in the back, waist, ankle and head. Spleen and liver of the patient become large in this disease. Sometimes, blood starts to come out from the intestines.
  • The patient suffers fever after cold sensation along with ache in the head and feet. After sometime, the temperature of the body becomes high after sweating. 

Causes of fever:

  • Level of heterogeneous liquids enhances in the body due to wrong eating habits because of which prophylactic power of the person reduces and bacteria, germs and virus start to originate in the body. In this situation, a person becomes the patient of fever.   
  • A person becomes the victim of fever due to the infection of different kinds of viruses.
  • A person whose prophylactic power is weak becomes the patient of fever when he gets injured or suffers from swelling anyway.
  • A person becomes the victim of malarial fever if female mosquito named anopheles bites him.  

Treatment of fever by nature therapy:

  • First, the patient of fever should keep fast until all the symptoms of fever disappear. Thereafter, mix black pepper and honey in the decoction of cinnamon. This decoction should be takes as a dose. Its use provides lots of relief to the patient. 
  • If a person has been suffering from pneumonia, decoction of garlic should be given to the patient after preparing. 
  • The patient should eat fruits slowly after having fast. Thereafter, he should take normal food, salad, fruits and sprouted pulses in his meal.
  • Enema of lukewarm water should be given to the patient of fever regularly. Thereafter, a wet bandage of soil should be kept on the stomach. After that, he should take hipbath (Kati-Snan). Jalneti should be adopted too by the patient.
  • If a person has been suffering from high fever, a cold bandages should be kept on his forehead. A wet bed sheet should be wrapped all over the body. Sponge bath also proves beneficial. Thereafter, the feet should be washed with lukewarm water.
  • The patient should do Kunjal Kirya if the temperature is not high. The patient gets lots of relief.
  • If the patient is feeling cold due to fever, hot water of a bottle should be given to the patient to keep and a blanket should be wrapped over the body of him. The patient gets lots of relief with this formula.
  • The body temperature becomes low soon if the body of the patient is rubbed.
  • The patient of fever should take rest completely. Thereafter, start treatment by nature therapy.
  • Water of blue colored bottle which has been kept in sunlight should be given to the patient to drink at a regular interval of two hours. The patient gets rid of this disease.
  • The patient gets lots of relief if he does Sheetkari- Pranayam, Sheetali, Shava-Asana and Yogdhyan.
  • The patient should take cold sponge bath or cold friction bath. He gets activeness in the body and the temperature of the body starts to reduce.
  • Temperature reduces if the backbone is massaged with a piece of ice.
  • The patient should be kept in airy room and light clothes should be given to the patient to wear and complete rest should be also given.
  • When whiteness of the tongue of the patient reduces after fever, the juice of fruits should be given to him to break the fast. Thereafter, salad, sprouted pulses and soup should be given to eat. The temperature does not rise again by using this treatment.
  • The patient of this disease should drink orange juice twice a day. The victim gets rid of this disease soon after its use.
  • Use of basil leaves provides excessive relief to the patient in this disease.
  • Boil basil leaves in water and mix powder of black pepper and a little sugar and then take. Its use provides relief to the patient.
  • The patient of this disease should not drink milk. If the patient desires to drink milk, it should be made light by mixing water in it. Mix one spoon honey in it. Mention one thing necessarily that sugar should not be mixed in it.