Some important diseases:


          A substance like sugar starts to come with urine in diabetes and quantity of sugar increases in the blood. This disease increases gradually and a person knows about it after many years of its origin. This disease can be cured according to naturopathy.

Symptoms of diabetes:

  • Quantity of sugar increases in the blood and urine of the patient in diabetes.
  • Urine of a diabetic becomes sticky and thick and he goes again and again for urination.
  • Ants come where a diabetic urinates.
  • The patient feels excessive hunger and thirst in diabetes.
  • Skin of the patient becomes dry and he feels excessive exhaustion. Laziness prevails over the patient of diabetes.
  • The patient of diabetes suffers from itching in this disease. Besides it, he suffers from irritation and headache
  • Several other kinds of diseases can take a diabetic in their grip. Such diseases are as high blood pressure, weak eyesight, heart problems, kidney diseases, paralysis, etc. Therefore, the patient should show no negligence. He should start treatment as soon as it is possible. 

Causes of diabetes:

  • Lack of physical exercise and excessive mental tension can be the cause of diabetes.
  • Excessive use of sweet and sticky foodstuff become the cause of diabetes.
  • Hereditary reason can also be the cause of diabetes. Children can be the victim of this disease if the parents of children are the patient of this disease.
  • Indigestion, constipation, excessive excitement and excessive anxiety can be the causes of this disease.
  • Excessive drinking and smoking can be the cause of diabetes.

Treatment of diabetes in naturopathy:

  • Modern doctors use insulin for the treatment of diabetes whereas insulin cannot cure diabetes by root. It only checks the growth of the disease. In this situation, there is a big doubt of the origin of diabetes again. 
  • A diabetic should take natural diet to avoid this disease. He should take such things as orange, apple, pear, papaya, water melon, musk melon, guava, mosambi, carrot, radish, cucumber (Kheera), turnip, cucumber (Kakri), spinach, mint, fenugreek, coriander, cabbage, beans, Shimla Mirch, etc.
  • The patient should take juice of fruits, vegetables, coconut water and lemon mixed water regularly.
  • Mix turmeric powder in the juice of fresh indian gooseberry or in the powder of indian gooseberry. Its use provides lots of relief.
  • The patient of this disease should eat jambul on large scale. Or grind the stones of jambul into fine powder and take half spoon this powder with water in the morning and evening. The disease disappears within some days by doing so.
  • Mix 15 ml juice of bitter gourd in 100 ml water and drink thrice a day.  Take this preparation for three months regularly. The disease named diabetes disappears.
  • A diabetic gets rid of this disease within some days by eating one spoon immersed fenugreek for some months regularly. Prepare a decoction by boiling the seeds of fenugreek in water and drink. The patient of diabetes gets rid of this disease soon by drinking this water.
  • Prepare powder by grinding the seeds of fenugreek and take with the water in the morning and evening regularly for some days. A diabetic gets rid of this disease by its use.
  • The patient should take milk in less quantity. He should drink whey in place of milk on large scale. Its use provides relief to the patient.
  • Cut 300 grams lady's fingers into two parts and immerse them in water at night. Drink this water in the morning and throw away to the lady fingers. Follow this process for one week regularly. A patient of diabetes gets rid of this disease by doing so.
  • The disease disappears soon by chewing 10 leaves of bael, or evergreen plant, or jambul leaves, or neem leaves. 
  • Quantity of sugar reduces in the blood by taking basil leaves everyday. The patient gets rid of diabetes within some days.
  • Eating two figs followed by two glasses of water cures the disease.
  • Grind by taking wheat and barley each 50 grams, millet, kuttu, gram each 20 grams, soyabean and maize. Prepare breads with this flour and eat them for some days. The patient gets rid of this disease by eating these breads. 
  • The patient should foment his body in sunlight in the morning regularly with nude body. He should drink suncharged water of orange colored bottle (that has been kept in sunlight) after sometime of meal. The patient gets rid of this disease within some days.
  • The patient should apply mud pack on his body regularly. Stomach should be cleansed by adopting enema. Thereafter, he should take hip-bath (Kati-Snan) and cold sitz bath (Mehen-Snan).
  • The patient should go for morning walk regularly and he should take fresh air.
  • There are different kinds of Yogik Kiryas for the treatment of diabetes.

Shat Kirya

Kunjal, Jalnet, Dhauti


Suryabhedi, Bhastrika, Nadi Shodan-Pranayam,  Swas-praswas

Mudra And Bandh

Uddianbandh, Mahamudra


Ardhamatasyendra-asana, mayura-asana, mansyasan, noka-asana, hala-asana, paschimothan-asana, bhujanga-asana, chakra-asana, dhanuraana, manduka-asana, kurma-asana, janu-sheersha-asana, padhasta-asana, kati-chakra-asana, tirbandha-asana, garbha-asana, bhunmana-asana, suraya-namasakara, etc.

Precautions for the patient of diabetes:

  • The patient should not take sugar, ice cream, sweets, etc.
  • He should not take ghee, butter, cold drinks, fried foodstu, meat, wine and products prepared from fine flour .